Associate in Science Degree Requirements

All students receiving an Associate Degree are required to meet Degree-Specific Requirements AND General Education Requirements. Courses listed in the Required Core and/or Required Support Courses may also be used to fulfill Degree-Specific and General Education Requirements. Developmental courses (those numbered below 100) cannot be used to fulfill these requirements.

General Education Requirements: Complete 24 credits from:

  1. Civil Society and Culture – U.S. and Global

  2. Communication

  3. Computer Technology

  4. Critical Thinking and Information Literacy

  5. Quantitative Literacy

Degree-Specific Requirements:

  1. Complete 6 Humanities credits from courses in:

    Art, Dance, English (except ENG 131, 132, 135), Foreign Language, Honors, Humanities, Interior Design, Journalism, Music, Philosophy, Science in Western Culture, Telecommunications, Speech, Theatre, World Religion

  2. Complete 24 Science and Mathematics credits from courses, including two laboratory science courses:

    Astronomy, Atmospheric Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geospatial Technologies, Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics, Science

  3. Complete 6 Social Science credits from courses in:

    Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Social Science, Sociology