Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

All students receiving an Associate Degree are required to meet Degree-Specific Requirements AND General Education Requirements. Courses listed in the Required Core and/or Required Support Courses may also be used to fulfill Degree-Specific and General Education Requirements. Developmental courses (those numbered below 100) cannot be used to fulfill these requirements.

General Education Requirements: Complete 24 credits from:

  1. Civil Society and Culture – U.S. and Global

  2. Communication

  3. Computer Technology

  4. Critical Thinking and Information Literacy

  5. Quantitative Literacy

Degree-Specific Requirements:

  1. Complete one course from the Wellness group:

  2. Complete 8 Humanities credits from courses in:

    Art, Dance, English (except ENG 131, 132, 135), Foreign Language, Honors, Humanities, Interior Design, Journalism, Music, Philosophy, Telecommunications, Speech, Theatre, World Religion

  3. Complete 8 Science and Mathematics credits from courses in:

    Astronomy, Atmospheric Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geospatial Technologies, Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics, Science

  4. Complete 8 Social Science credits from courses in:

    Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Social Science, Sociology