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Complete Your Degree at Henry Ford College

Henry Ford College is dedicated to preparing our students for a rapidly changing world and workplace. With the economic challenges that we are all faced with, a solid educational background places our students a step ahead of the competition. Earning an Associate's degree will better prepare you to enter the workforce and begin a successful career.

Are you ready to complete your degree?

Henry Ford College wants to help you achieve your goal.

If you attended Henry Ford College and:

  • Stopped attending due to a job opportunity
  • Experienced a job loss which changed your educational path
  • Transferred to another college/university
  • Were unaware you qualified for a degree
  • Did not know the coursework required for a degree
  • Financial issues forced you to make tough choices…

… then NOW is the time to contact Henry Ford College.

Great reasons to complete your degree:

  • You will be more marketable
  • Attain a broader knowledge base
  • Qualify for higher paying jobs
  • Build your resume
  • Build your confidence

Next steps in completing your degree:

  1. Contact Henry Ford College at
  2. Discuss your courses and degree options
  3. Schedule an appointment with an adviser
  4. Start working towards completing your Associate’s degree