HFC Child Development Center Goals

The goal of the HFC Child Development Center is to consider and nurture each child's individual development. To help achieve this goal, we offer Developmental Preschool and Childcare. Staff in each of these programs have specialized training. The Center is supervised by a staff member who is certified in the area of early childhood education.

Children's Activities

The daily program of activities is aimed at enriching children's intellectual, cognitive, emotional and physical growth and development through music, art, story time, physical activities, experiences with nature and other planned projects. Ample time is given each day for indoor and outdoor "free play." The center has clean, safe equipment designed to enhance children's play.

Program Results

The Child Development Center's program allows children to begin to develop skills that give them a sense of competence and a feeling of uniqueness. By providing an atmosphere that encourages respect and cooperation, children will develop mutually supportive ways of interacting with other children and adults in a multi-cultural atmosphere.

Children at the center will gain many new experiences that will generate curiosity of the world around them. They will learn that the Child Development Center is an exciting, fun and friendly place to spend time!