Registration and Classes

Registering for Classes

Students register for classes using WebAdvisor. If a student no longer desires to attend classes, the student is responsible for dropping themselves from the course(s). Note: there are times when no refund is available for the dropping of classes. Late registration is allowed beginning on the first day of class through the end of add/drop. Developmental courses (those under 100 level) are not eligible for late registration. Learn more about registering for classes.

Class Load

Full-time student status is defined as 12-17 semester hours of credit. Student are limited to 18 hours unless special permission is granted. Students in most academic courses are expected to spend the equivalent of two hours of preparation for each hour of class. Students who are on college parallel programs should choose their college courses carefully, preferably in consultation with a counselor. Learn more about class load.

Residency Regulations

For tuition purposes, a resident student is one who has resided continuously in the Dearborn Public School District for at least six months immediately preceding the first day of classes. Learn more about residency regulations and verification.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

The College lists a breakdown of current tuition fees as well as payment terms, policies and options. Note: past due account balances are subject to collection fee charges, credit bureau reporting, and ineligibility for future registration. Learn more about payment of tuition and fees.

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards are free to all students through the Campus Safety Office. A Student ID card is required to purchase books, use the gym, attend athletic events and borrow materials from the library. Learn more about student ID cards.

College Store

The College Store is HFC's primary source for all course-related materials. The College Store is owned and operated by HFC. Any excess revenue goes directly back to HFC to support other campus activities. The College Store accepts cash, personal checks, VISA, MasterCard and Discover, as well as HFC Gift Cards and financial aid. Learn more about the College Store, in addition to return procedures.

Dean's List

Dean's lists are published for fall and winter semesters. The dean's list includes students who maintain at least a 3.5 grade-point average. Learn more about the dean's list.

HFC Transcript of Credit

The Registration and Records Office at HFC maintains the official, permanent academic record of every student who attends. There are two types of academic college transcripts: official and student copy. Students may request copies of their HFC transcript. Learn more about transcripts.

Tuition Appeal Policy

During the course of their studies, extenuating circumstances may prevent students from completing classes in which they enroll. In these cases, students may appeal to the College to have the balance of their tuition owed for that semester removed from their account. Students are allowed one appeal during their academic career at HFC. Students considering a tuition appeal are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of an approved tuition appeal decision. Learn more about the tuition appeal policy.

Auditing Courses

A student who wishes to attend a course regularly but does not wish to receive a grade or credit may take the course as an audit. After enrolling in the course, the student must apply for audit status before the class starts. Students are assessed regular tuition for the course. Learn more about auditing courses.