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The College offers four-semester sequences in French, Modern Standard Arabic, and Spanish, a three-
semester sequence in German, as well as a two-semester sequence in Mandarin Chinese and Italian.
Beginning classes are designed for students with no previous experience. All courses develop not only the
students’ abilities with oral and written language but also their understanding of a foreign culture. Textbook-
based written assignments and exercises are complimented by in-class oral practice, as well as by a
variety of technologies, media, and other supplementary materials. Students also have access to HFCC''s
state-of-the-art World Languages Center, comprised of a Language Lab, individual study stations, satellite
television, a media library, and foreign language periodicals.

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution that requires a foreign language for graduation can
fulfill that requirement at HFCC before transferring. Employees of companies that do business abroad also
take these courses to enhance their professional credentials by improving their knowledge of language and

Single-semester enrichment courses ARA 141-Eementary Conversation in Arabic, FRE 141-Eementary
Conversation in French, GER 141-Eementary Conversation in German, and ITAL 131-Eementary
Conversation in Italian emphasize improved oral facility, increased vocabulary and introduction to the culture.

Students who have taken courses in high school or at another college should consult with an instructor in
order to determine proper placement. For further information, students should call Lori Slaber at 313-845-