Welding Technology — Tool and Die

Program Information

Program Code: 
Degree Type: 
Certificate of Achievement
Year Established: 
Industrial Technology - technology@hfcc.edu

The courses in this certificate extend the knowledge and skill development acquired in the two previous certificates. The courses cover a highly specialized area in welding concerning alloys, steels, and cast irons that are used in the tool and die industries. All manufacturing and service companies required tooling and dies that perform specific functions. These objects require special materials for their construction and require sophisticated welding procedures to ensure successful production and repair.

The students can earn multiple Certificates of Achievements in Welding Technology. The sequential order of certificates includes Welding Technologies — Basic Certificate, Welding Technology — GTAW/GMAW Certificate, the Welding Technology — Tool and Die Certificate.

This certificate adds two new courses - TAMJ 240 and TAIM 100 - to the GTAW/GMAW certificate.

Program Requirements

Minimum Number Of Credits To Graduate: 
22 (Including Options/Electives)

Requirements are Subject to Change

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