Welding Technology — Advanced for Certification

Program Information

Program Code: 
Degree Type: 
Certificate of Achievement
Year Established: 
Industrial Technology - technology@hfcc.edu

The courses in this certificate will aid in developing the necessary skills for people interested in becoming welders qualified in a specific welding area. Such welders are known as Certified Welders. The two primary agencies used by welders for certification are the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Welding Society (AWS). Students will perform the qualifying procedures in the college welding lab, and when completed, test pieces will be processed at a local private testing lab.

This certificate adds three new courses - TAMJ 125, TAMJ 230, and TAMJ 235 - to the Tool and Die Welding certificate.

Program Requirements

Minimum Number Of Credits To Graduate: 
28 (Including Options/Electives)

Requirements are Subject to Change

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