Fitness Leadership

Program Information

Program Code: 
Degree Type: 
Associate in Applied Science
Year Established: 
Humanities - (313) 845-9634 -

The Health and Physical Education curriculum includes two programs in Fitness Leadership. Interested students can enroll in the Certificate of Achievement program or the two-year Associate in Applied Science degree program.

The Fitness Leadership programs have been established in response to the increasing demand for highly-trained, certified exercise instructors and personal trainers in national fitness clubs, corporate fitness centers, area-wide recreation facilities and hospitals. To become a successful fitness trainer, an individual needs to be knowledgeable in exercise science and aware of current and future trends in the profession.

Both programs offer a wide variety of courses including Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Methods of Teaching Exercise and First Aid.

HFCC’s Fitness Leadership instructors are fitness leaders and professionals who are highly qualified to share their training and knowledge to help develop strong and dynamic exercise leaders.

Many HFCC graduates attend Eastern Michigan University or Wayne State University, which have strong exercise science programs and excellent transfer agreements with HFCC.

Statistics provided by the American Council on Exercise, the American College of Sports Medicine and other professional exercise organizations have strongly shown that students who have received training from a college perform well on certification exams.

Career Opportunities: 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections, fitness trainer is one of the fastest growing occupations in 2002-2012. The 2002 average salary for a fitness trainer was $29,100 per year. Fitness Leadership serves as an excellent foundation for students entering other careers such as nursing, physical therapy, community health, nutrition, physical education, sports medicine and business.

Students may find that having two complementary areas of concentration and expertise makes them more marketable.

Registry / Certification / Licensure Exam Information: 

Many students are interested in taking industry certification exams such as ACE or ACSM at the completion of the program. The certificate/associate’s degree from HFCC serves as a much higher level of certification than the various industry certification exams. Even though this is the case, many students take the industry certification exam and do very well. The classes that will specifically prepare students for the various industry certification exams are HPE 150-Exercise Physiology and 
HPE 151-Methods for Teaching Exercise.

Transfer Information

Transfer Options/Requirements: 

The College has articulation agreements and/or transfer guides to help students who want to transfer to other institutions once they have completed their studies at HFCC.   Articulation agreements ensure that graduates from HFCC can transfer to another institution and work towards a bachelor's degree without a loss of coursework completed at HFCC.  Transfer guides denote the transferability of HFCC coursework toward specific degree programs at other institutions. It is important that students who intend to transfer to another institution consult the appropriate articulation agreements and/or transfer guides to ensure the transferability of the courses they take to the institution they plan to attend. Articulation agreements and transfer guides are available in the University Transfer, Advising, and Career Counseling Center (313-845-9612,, Learning Resource Center).  Some of the institutions students enrolled in this program frequently transfer to include:

  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Wayne State University

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements / Eligibility: 

There are no special admission requirements to the program. Simply declare Fitness Leadership as your program of study when you apply to the college or register for classes. Early in the program you should contact the director of the program to understand the sequence of classes in the program.

Minimum Number Of Credits To Graduate: 
60 (Including Options/Electives)

Required Core Courses

Degree-Specific Requirements

Degree-Specific Requirements: 

Students must also complete the specific degree requirements for the Associate in Applied Science Degree. Courses listed in the Required Core Courses and/or Required Support Courses may also be used to fulfill Associate in Applied Science Degree Requirements when applicable. Developmental courses (developmental courses are those numbered below 100) cannot be used to fulfill these requirements.

General Education

General Education: 

Students must also complete the General Education requirements of the College. Courses listed in the Required Core Courses and/or Required Support Courses for the, as well as courses used to fulfill requirements of the Associate in Applied Science degree, may also be used to fulfill General Education requirements when applicable.

Requirements are Subject to Change

The information represented here is for the current catalog year. If you were admitted prior to this year, please check your requirements under the Program Evaluation section of WebAdvisor.