Education Paraprofessional

Program Information

Degree Type: 
Certificate of Achievement

Designed to increase students' knowledge in specific content areas and to promote the development of interaction skills necessary for working with children. This certificate enables students to work as paraprofessionals or teacher aides. Individuals who wish to earn an Associate in Arts degree in Pre-­Elementary Education may apply the total hours of this certificate program toward that degree. However, ENG-121 and HPE-142 may not apply toward a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. For more information, please consult the transfer guides in the University Transfer, Advising, and Career Counseling Center.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Develop lesson plans implementing educational software for grades P – 8.
  • Apply knowledge of literacy development to assist emergent and beginning readers.
  • Effectively write and conduct research.
  • Analyze children’s literature for its use in the elementary or middle school classroom.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of first aid procedures.
  • Analyze elementary and middle school mathematics at the level necessary for teaching.
  • Apply knowledge of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development theories of the learner in a school setting
  • Compare and contrast different exceptionalities.
  • Analyze legal requirements and educational services required to meet the needs of students with different exceptionalities.
  • Construct scientific knowledge using inquiry-based techniques.

Degree-Specific Requirements

General Education Requirements: 

The following courses are required in this program and satisfy HFC's General Education Outcomes for this program. Students who change their program will need to confirm in advance that they are completing all required courses for their specific program of study, including additional General Education courses. For this program:

  1. Civil Society and Culture: No courses required for this Certificate.

  2. Communication: Complete:

  3. Computer Technology: Complete:

  4. Critical Thinking and Information Literacy: Complete:

  5. Quantitative Literacy: Complete:

NOTE: For this program, General Education minimum credits: 15

Required Support Courses

Complete 4 credit hours of Science (100-level or higher) from:
Astronomy (ASTR), Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHEM), Geology (GEOL), Physics (PHYS), Physical Science (PSCI), or Science (SCI)
Minimum Credit Hours: 
Minimum Number Of Credits To Graduate: 
34.0 (Including Options/Electives)

Program Requirements

Additional Program Requirements: 

The law requires new teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, and other personnel to provide documentation of a completed criminal record check. Students who complete field experiences as part of their HFC coursework must provide a statewide criminal record check prior to work with children in public or non-public schools.

Requirements are Subject to Change

The information represented here is for the current catalog year. If you were admitted prior to this year, please check your requirements under the Program Evaluation section of WebAdvisor.

Other Information

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Social Science, Arts, and Fitness Division: 313-845-9625,, Fine Arts Bldg, Room: F-140
Patricia Lanzon: 313-317-1532,, Liberal Arts Building, Room: K-307
Career Opportunities: 
  • School paraprofessional