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HFCC offers three courses in astronomy, ASTR 131-Descriptive Astronomy and ASTR 133-
Astronomy Laboratory. They are ideal for the student with little or no prior scientific or mathematical
experience who wishes to explore astronomy or science in general, as well as for students
preparing to be
secondary school science teachers. They also provide a good introductory survey for students
advanced study of astronomy.

ASTR 231-General Astronomy serves as a more in-depth introduction to astronomy. It can used as
general education alternative to ASTR 131. ASTR 133 can be taken as the lab-component for
either ASTR
131 or ASTR 231.

Students interested in majoring in astronomy at a four-year school should take ASTR 231 and
ASTR 232,
as well as PHYS 231 and PHYS 232.