Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Wednesday, 2/3/16
MATH-0771-21Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraMW08:10am - 09:05amG-129R. Frazier
MATH-0771-22Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraTR09:10am - 10:05amG-129N. Jadoun
MATH-0771-23Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraTR09:10am - 10:05amG-112J. Roney
MATH-0771-24Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraMW10:10am - 11:05amG-129R. Frazier
MATH-0771-25Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraMW10:10am - 11:05amG-112F. Haidar
MATH-0771-26Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraTR11:10am - 12:05pmG-129S. Bazzi
MATH-0771-27Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraMW12:10pm - 01:05pmG-129N. Beidoun
MATH-0771-28Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraTR01:10pm - 02:05pmG-129N. Beidoun
MATH-0771-29Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraMW03:10pm - 04:05pmG-129A. Cushnier
MATH-0771-30Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraTR03:10pm - 04:05pmG-129R. Thomson
MATH-0771-31Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraMW05:25pm - 06:20pmG-129H. Taleb
MATH-0771-32Whole Numbers, Integers, & Intro AlgebraTR05:25pm - 06:20pmG-129R. Thomson
MATH-0772-21Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarMW09:06am - 10:00amG-129R. Frazier
MATH-0772-22Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarTR10:06am - 11:00amG-129N. Jadoun
MATH-0772-23Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarTR10:06am - 11:00amG-112J. Roney
MATH-0772-24Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarMW11:06am - 12:00pmG-129R. Frazier
MATH-0772-25Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarMW11:06am - 12:00pmG-112F. Haidar
MATH-0772-26Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarTR12:06pm - 01:00pmG-129S. Bazzi
MATH-0772-27Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarMW01:06pm - 02:00pmG-129N. Beidoun
MATH-0772-28Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarTR02:06pm - 03:00pmG-129N. Beidoun
MATH-0772-29Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarMW04:06pm - 05:00pmG-129A. Cushnier
MATH-0772-30Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarTR04:06pm - 05:00pmG-129R. Thomson
MATH-0772-31Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarMW06:21pm - 07:15pmG-129H. Taleb
MATH-0772-32Fractions,mixed Numbers,&fractions W/VarTR06:21pm - 07:15pmG-129R. Thomson
MUS-116-61Applied Music (2 Credits) 2F-132K. Dewey
MUS-142-61Aural Music Skills 2MW11:08am - 12:15pmF-113K. Dewey
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Tuesday, 2/2/16
CIMTA-112-13System TechnologyM10:00am - 11:00amE-236D. SkoniecznyFULL
TADV-125-13Intro to Integrated ManufacturingM11:00am - 12:10pmE-236D. SkoniecznyFULL
TAEL-103-13DC and AC ElectricityM12:30pm - 05:10pmE-224J. GraffFULL
TAMA-110-13Industrial Applications Basic Math PrincM07:40am - 10:00amE-140E. HicksonFULL
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Monday, 2/1/16
ENGR-101-02Introduction to Engineering DesignMTWRF09:20am - 10:15amTBATBD
ENGR-102-02Principles of EngineeringMTWRF01:20pm - 02:15pmTBATBD
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Friday, 1/29/16
NAT-100-08Nursing Admission TestM09:00am - 01:30pmSN-141J. Yaksich
NAT-100-09Nursing Admission TestM09:00am - 01:30pmSN-141J. Yaksich
NAT-100-10Nursing Admission TestF09:00am - 01:30pmSN-141J. Yaksich
NAT-100-11Nursing Admission TestF09:00am - 01:30pmSN-141J. Yaksich
NAT-100-12Nursing Admission TestM09:00am - 01:30pmSN-141J. Yaksich
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Thursday, 1/28/16
CIS-100-75Introduction to Information TechnologyNETR. JamesFULL
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Wednesday, 1/27/16
MUS-113-50Applied Music (1 Credit) 1F-132K. Dewey
TAMA-130-52Indust Appl of Geometric PrinciplesW05:00pm - 07:20pmE-136J. KnackFULL