Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Friday, 9/4/15
BCA-101-98Computer KeyboardingF06:00pm - 08:10pmK-321N. Alam
BEC-133-97Basic EconomicsNETJ. Luke
BIO-130-50Evolution and BehaviorMW02:40pm - 05:00pmG-008M. CunninghamFULL
SPC-131-76Fundamentals of SpeakingTR06:00pm - 07:40pmF-201TBD
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Thursday, 9/3/15
ENG-131-50Introduction to College WritingMW02:10pm - 03:50pmK-123E. Bean
ICO-190-03Co-op in Industrial TechnologyR. WeekesFULL
MATH-077-50Preparation for AlgebraTR02:30pm - 04:50pmG-112TBD
MATH-089-50Introduction to Algebra Part ITR02:30pm - 04:50pmG-112TBD
MATH-109-50Introduction to Algebra Part IITR02:30pm - 04:50pmG-112TBD
MUS-133-60History of Rock & RollW05:40pm - 07:20pmF-110R. Knight
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Wednesday, 9/2/15
ENGR-101-02Introduction to Engineering DesignMTWRF08:20am - 09:15amTBATBDFULL
ENGR-101-03Introduction to Engineering DesignMTWRF01:20pm - 02:15pmTBATBDFULL
MATH-100-60Basic Tech MathematicsMW07:30pm - 09:45pmK-228W. Boyke
NAT-100-03Nursing Admission TestF09:00am - 01:00pmM-124J. Yaksich
NAT-100-04Nursing Admission TestF09:00am - 01:00pmM-114J. YaksichFULL
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Tuesday, 9/1/15
MATH-289-60Differential EquationsMW07:30pm - 09:45pmG-207N. Lavrov
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Friday, 8/28/15
MATH-074-50Pre-AlgebraS08:00am - 12:30pmG-213H. Taleb
MATH-074-61Pre-AlgebraMW07:30pm - 09:45pmK-166G. Husseini
MATH-080-56Beginning AlgebraTR03:10pm - 04:50pmG-209M. Terterian
MATH-080-62Beginning AlgebraMW07:30pm - 09:20pmK-225M. Berri
MATH-115-51College AlgebraTR03:10pm - 05:55pmK-225TBD
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Wednesday, 8/26/15
ENG-093-77Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysTR06:00pm - 07:40pmK-123K. WilliamsWAITLIST
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Tuesday, 8/25/15
ENG-081-54Developmental College ReadingTR01:10pm - 02:50pmK-122D. Franklin-McElrathWAITLIST
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Monday, 8/24/15
ENG-131-56Introduction to College WritingTR04:10pm - 05:50pmK-217J. FulcherFULL