Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Tuesday, 6/30/15
ASTR-133-97Introductory Astronomy LaboratoryNETM. LoPresto
BIO-131-04Introductory BiologyMW09:40am - 11:00amG-007TBD
BIO-131-12Introductory BiologyMW11:10am - 12:30pmJ-113TBD
MOA-160-01Basic X-Ray TechniquesR04:08pm - 06:00pmG-202S. Bazzy
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Monday, 6/29/15
BEC-151-98Principles of Macro EconomicsNETJ. Boyd
BEC-152-03Principles of Micro EconomicsMW11:10am - 12:30pmK-315W. Wilson
BEC-152-98Principles of Micro EconomicsNETP. Badry
BLW-253-72Business Law and the Legal EnvironmentTR05:30pm - 07:20pmK-316B. Berry
CIS-100-05Introduction to Information TechnologyMW08:10am - 09:30amE-185J. Boron
CIS-100-24Introduction to Information TechnologyTR11:10am - 12:50pmK-320L. Burke
CIS-100-25Introduction to Information TechnologyTR11:10am - 12:30pmE-183E. Chowdhury
CIS-100-54Introduction to Information TechnologyT04:30pm - 05:50pmK-323A. Burrell
CIS-100-80Introduction to Information TechnologyNETS. Silvestri
CIS-100-83Introduction to Information TechnologyNETJ. Tabor
CNT-220-50CCNA Networking IVMW08:10am - 11:50amE-238T. Browning
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Wednesday, 6/24/15
ENG-082-50Academic Reading,Speaking,Listening ELLMW06:00pm - 07:40pmK-217TBD
ENG-093-05Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysTR08:10am - 09:30amK-214P. Gelinas
ENG-093-14Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysTR09:40am - 11:00amK-102S. Pettigrew
ENG-131-36Introduction to College WritingTR12:40pm - 02:00pmK-125N. Hare
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Tuesday, 6/23/15
MGT-230-99Principles of ManagementNETR. Field
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Monday, 6/22/15
ASTR-131-97Descriptive AstronomyNETS. Murrell
BIO-131-03Introductory BiologyTR08:10am - 09:30amJ-110TBD
BIO-131-11Introductory BiologyMW11:10am - 12:30pmJ-113TBD
Sections added to Fall 2015 on Thursday, 6/18/15
ENG-131-48Introduction to College WritingMWF08:08am - 09:00amK-214TBD