Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Spring 2015 on Thursday, 3/26/15
BBA-131-98Introduction to BusinessNETD. Thomas
BEC-151-98Principles of Macro EconomicsNETJ. Boyd
BIO-131-05Introductory BiologyMTWR11:40am - 01:00pmJ-113TBD
BIO-234-04Anatomy and Physiology 2MTW11:40am - 01:30pmJ-160G. Karapetian
BIO-234-71Anatomy and Physiology 2TWR05:35pm - 07:25pmJ-161TBD
CIS-100-90Introduction to Information TechnologyNETD. Baran
ELI-104R-02ELL Reading & Listening/Speaking 4MTWR03:00pm - 07:30pmTBDFULL
MATH-175-01Pre-CalculusMTWR07:00am - 09:30amG-213TBD
MATH-180-71Calculus 1MTWR07:35pm - 10:05pmG-129TBD
Sections added to Spring 2015 on Wednesday, 3/25/15
ENG-082-70Academic Reading,Speaking,Listening ELLTWR05:35pm - 07:30pmK-217TBDWAITLIST
ENG-092-70Basic Writing for ELL: ParagraphsTWR07:35pm - 09:30pmK-217TBDWAITLIST
Sections added to Spring 2015 on Tuesday, 3/24/15
ASTR-131-98Descriptive AstronomyNETS. Murrell
ASTR-133-98Introductory Astronomy LaboratoryNETTBD
BIO-131-03Introductory BiologyMTWR09:35am - 10:55amJ-113TBDFULL
BIO-135-02Microbiology for Allied Health ScienceTWR05:35pm - 07:25pmJ-160TBD
BIO-150-02Biology: Organisms, Genes & EcologyMTWR09:35am - 10:55amJ-161TBD
BIO-233-04Anatomy and Physiology 1MTW12:10pm - 02:00pmG-007C. SerfasWAITLIST
BIO-233-71Anatomy and Physiology 1TWR05:35pm - 07:25pmG-007TBD
BIO-234-03Anatomy and Physiology 2MTW11:40am - 01:30pmJ-160G. KarapetianWAITLIST
CHEM-141-03Principles Gen & Inorganic ChemistryMTWR12:10pm - 01:30pmJ-019TBD
ELI-106R-02ELL Reading & Study Skills 6MTWR03:00pm - 07:30pmK-122TBDWAITLIST
ENG-135-01Business & Technical Writing & ResearchTWR11:40am - 01:35pmK-125V. Haas
MATH-110-71Intermed AlgebraTWR07:35pm - 10:10pmG-209TBD
MATH-180-02Calculus 1MTWR12:10pm - 02:40pmG-209TBD
Sections added to Spring 2015 on Monday, 3/23/15
ELI-106W-02ELL Writing & Grammar 6MTWR03:00pm - 07:30pmK-219TBD
ENG-082-01Academic Reading,Speaking,Listening ELLTWR11:40am - 01:35pmK-219M. Hussein
ENG-092-02Basic Writing for ELL: ParagraphsTWR11:40am - 01:35pmK-164K. Grahl
HCS-131-03Computers in Health CareMW08:45am - 12:00pmG-125TBDWAITLIST
HCS-131-04Computers in Health CareMW12:30pm - 03:45pmG-125TBDWAITLIST
HCS-131-05Computers in Health CareTWR09:35am - 11:30amG-337TBDWAITLIST
Sections added to Spring 2015 on Thursday, 3/19/15
BCA-140-01Software ApplicationsTBATBDFULL
Sections added to Spring 2015 on Wednesday, 3/18/15
ART-2953-01Directed Study in CeramicsTWR01:00pm - 05:00pmF-163L. VanCamp
CHD-201-01Introduction to Creative Child CareS09:00am - 03:00pmTBAA. Williams
COMM-190-01Co-op in CommunicationsTBAP. Kim
COMM-290-01Co-op in CommunicationsTBAP. Kim
Sections added to Summer 2015 on Thursday, 3/26/15
ASTR-131-98Descriptive AstronomyNETS. Murrell
BIO-234-12Anatomy and Physiology 2TWR09:35am - 11:25amJ-161TBD
PHYS-132-12General Physics (continued)MTWR01:10pm - 02:40pmJ-041J. Smith
Sections added to Summer 2015 on Wednesday, 3/18/15
CHD-202-11CDA Portfolio/Assessment PreparationS09:00am - 03:00pmTBAA. Williams
CHD-241-80Dev-Approp Pract Ch Care Ctr AdminMW05:00pm - 08:00pmTBAA. Williams