Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Monday, 11/30/15
BIO-233-01Anatomy and Physiology IMW07:40am - 09:00amJ-113M. Palaski
ENG-093-01Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysMWF08:08am - 09:00amK-215M. Scott
HON-231-03Honors Directed StudyTBAG. Grunow
HON-231-04Honors Directed StudyTBAA. Hazlett
HON-236-01Honors Directed Study - Service LearningTBAH. Mohseni Nameghi
HON-236-02Honors Directed Study - Service LearningTBAH. Mohseni Nameghi
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Wednesday, 11/25/15
ELI-104W-03ELL Writing & Grammar 4MWF08:30am - 11:30amE-235TBD
ELI-105W-02ELL Writing & Grammar 5MWF08:30am - 11:30amE-235TBD
ELI-106R-02ELL Reading & Study Skills 6MWF12:00pm - 03:00pmK-123TBD
ENG-092-51Basic Writing for ELL: ParagraphsMW12:10pm - 01:50pmK-215A. Kubrak
ENG-093-28Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysTR02:10pm - 03:30pmK-165S. Baranski
ENG-132-38College Writing and ResearchMW02:10pm - 03:30pmG-014C. Bobee
ENG-246-91Introduction to Children's LiteratureTBAP. Kim
MATH-115-97College AlgebraTBAJ. Gilliland
POLS-295-01Community Leadership InternshipTBAR. Yahrmatter
SPC-131-73Fundamentals of SpeakingTR04:30pm - 05:50pmF-201S. Moore
SSCO-190-04Co-op in Social ScienceTBAA. DeWys-VanHecke
SSCO-190-05Co-op in Social ScienceTBAR. Yahrmatter
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Tuesday, 11/24/15
POLS-152-02International RelationsM01:10pm - 02:30pmK-7A. Perry
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Monday, 11/23/15
BEC-151-96Principles of Macro EconomicsNETJ. Luke
BEC-151-97Principles of Macro EconomicsNETJ. Boyd
BIO-131-08Introduction to BiologyTR08:10am - 09:30amG-007TBD
BIO-150-03Biology: Organisms, Genes, and EcologyTR09:40am - 11:00amG-008TBD
BIO-233-73Anatomy and Physiology IMW06:00pm - 07:20pmG-007TBD
CHD-201-91Introduction to Creative Child CareS08:30am - 11:50amTBAS. Ripley
CIS-221-97Instructional Tech Elementary TeachersNETK. Olin-Sullivan
CIS-223-97Instruct Technology Secondary TeachersNETK. Olin-Sullivan
ENG-132-39College Writing and ResearchTR02:10pm - 03:30pmK-122D. Leonard
ENG-132-99College Writing and ResearchTBAE. Martin
TAGD-140-52Compound Angles/Advanced ProjectionT07:00pm - 09:45pmE-138M. JarvisFULL
TAGD-171-52Descriptive Geometry: Lines and PlanesT07:00pm - 08:50pmE-136R. HousleyFULL
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Friday, 11/20/15
AH-100-98Medical TerminologyNETZ. TuranovaWAITLIST
ELI-102W-02ELL Writing & Grammar 2TR08:30am - 01:00pmE-235TBDFULL
ELI-103W-03ELL Writing & Grammar 3TR08:30am - 01:00pmE-235TBD
ENG-093-16Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysTR11:10am - 12:30pmK-230M. JohnsonFULL
ENG-131-29Introduction to College WritingMWF10:08am - 11:00amG-014A. Hudson
ENG-131-97Introduction to College WritingTBAG. McIlroy
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Thursday, 11/19/15
CHEM-132-01Principles Organic Biological ChemistryTR09:40am - 11:00amG-002P. Root
CIS-121-97Introduction to the InternetNETJ. Slominski
CNT-120-51CCNA Networking IITR12:20pm - 04:00pmE-175K. Fitzner
ENG-131-70Introduction to College WritingMW04:30pm - 05:50pmK-163V. Mastronardi
ENG-131-74Introduction to College WritingTR04:30pm - 05:50pmK-214C. Kirkby
MTT-140-72Introduction to CNCTR05:30pm - 07:15pmE-129J. Lesinski
Sections added to Winter 2016 on Wednesday, 11/18/15
BIO-234-09Anatomy and Physiology IITR12:40pm - 02:00pmG-007W. Saudi
CHEM-111-02Chem Skills Pre-Professional ProgramsTR09:40am - 11:00amJ-002TBD
CHEM-131-06Principles of ChemistryMW12:40pm - 02:00pmJ-002L. Rahhal-Irabi
ENG-131-38Introduction to College WritingTR04:10pm - 05:30pmTBATBD
GEOL-131-02Physical GeologyTR01:40pm - 03:00pmG-002B. Kirchner
MATH-074-98Pre-AlgebraTBAC. Saghir
MATH-141-98Introduction to StatisticsTBAM. Zalzali
PHYS-231-71Engineering Physics ITR05:10pm - 07:00pmJ-044E. Aliko