Henry Ford College

Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Summer 2016 on Monday, 7/18/16
NAT-100-14Nursing Admission TestM09:00am - 01:00pmSN-141J. Yaksich
NAT-100-15Nursing Admission TestR09:00am - 01:00pmSN-141J. Yaksich
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Wednesday, 7/20/16
HON-232-02Honors Directed StudyTBAS. Buchanan
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Tuesday, 7/19/16
ENT-260-01Energy Systems ManagementJ. ElmerFULL
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Monday, 7/18/16
BIO-131-21Introduction to BiologyMW02:10pm - 03:30pmJ-113N. Ahmad
BIO-131-24Introduction to BiologyTR09:40am - 11:00amJ-160S. Chandrasekar
CHEM-131-06Principles of ChemistryMW12:40pm - 02:00pmJ-002L. Rahhal-Irabi
ENGR-130-02Introduction to EngineeringTR09:40am - 11:00amJ-042A. Camiener
GEOL-131-02Physical GeologyTR01:40pm - 03:00pmG-002B. Kirchner
HCS-131-15Computers in Health CareR09:08am - 12:00pmG-339R. Robinson
HCS-131-71Computers in Health CareMW07:30pm - 08:50pmG-337TBDFULL
HON-231-09Honors Directed StudyTBAG. PopovichFULL
MATH-080-01Beginning AlgebraMW07:40am - 09:00amK-229N. Beidoun
MATH-080-12Beginning AlgebraTR12:40pm - 02:00pmK-225L. Stop
MATH-175-50PrecalculusMW02:05pm - 05:00pmG-213TBD
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Thursday, 7/14/16
CHEM-111-05Chem Skills Pre-Professional ProgramsTR01:10pm - 02:30pmJ-002TBDFULL
CHEM-111-70Chem Skills Pre-Professional ProgramsMW05:10pm - 06:30pmJ-019TBDFULL
CHEM-131-07Principles of ChemistryTR02:40pm - 04:00pmJ-002TBDFULL
CHEM-131-10Principles of ChemistryMW03:10pm - 04:30pmJ-002TBDFULL
CHEM-131-71Principles of ChemistryMW05:10pm - 06:30pmJ-002TBDFULL
CHEM-131-73Principles of ChemistryTR06:40pm - 08:00pmJ-002TBDFULL
CHEM-131-74Principles of ChemistryNETL. Rahhal-IrabiWAITLIST
CHEM-132-01Principles Organic&Biological ChemistryTR09:40am - 11:00amG-002TBDFULL
CHEM-132-71Principles Organic&Biological ChemistryTR05:10pm - 06:30pmG-002P. RootFULL
CHEM-141-08Principles Gen & Inorganic ChemistryMW11:40am - 01:00pmJ-019TBDWAITLIST
CHEM-141-72Principles Gen & Inorganic ChemistryMW06:40pm - 08:00pmJ-019TBDFULL
CHEM-142-70Principles Gen & Inorganic ChemistryTR05:10pm - 06:30pmJ-002TBDWAITLIST
COLL-101-71College SuccessMWF06:50am - 08:00amTBATBD
COLL-101-72College SuccessTR03:40pm - 05:20pmTBATBD
COLL-101-73College SuccessS08:00am - 11:40amTBATBD
COLL-101-74College SuccessS08:00am - 11:40amTBATBD
ELI-103R-02ELL Reading & Listening/Speaking 3MW08:30am - 01:00pmE-235R. Page
ELI-104R-02ELL Reading & Listening/Speaking 4MWF12:00pm - 03:00pmK-146C. Menke
ELI-105R-03ELL Reading & Study Skills 5MWF08:30am - 11:30amE-142TBD
MOA-100-70Med Office Procedure 1TR05:25pm - 07:15pmG-312L. Little
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Wednesday, 7/13/16
HPE-253-98Nutrition for the ProfessionalNETC. SloanWAITLIST
INTR-251-01Bath Design StudioMW04:00pm - 06:50pmF-219K. WilmeringWAITLIST
TAGD-150-50Tool, Jig and Fixture DesignM04:00pm - 05:50pmE-136M. Jarvis
TAGD-155-50Cage, Cam Layout and FixtureM06:00pm - 07:50pmE-136M. Jarvis
TAMA-120-52Indust Appl of Algebraic PrinciplesW04:00pm - 06:45pmE-TBATBD
TAMA-130-52Indust Appl of Geometric PrinciplesR08:00pm - 09:50pmE-TBATBD
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Tuesday, 7/12/16
CHD-241-60Dev-Approp Pract Ch Care Ctr AdminR05:30pm - 09:00pmK-4A. Williams
HCS-131-13Computers in Health CareMW01:10pm - 02:30pmG-337T. MozugFULL
HON-236-03Honors Directed Study - Service LearningTBAH. Mohseni Nameghi
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Monday, 7/11/16
CHEM-111-01Chem Skills Pre-Professional ProgramsTR09:40am - 11:00amJ-002S. Hanna
CHEM-111-04Chem Skills Pre-Professional ProgramsMW11:10am - 12:30pmJ-002TBD
ENG-094-60Accelerated Learning Program:read&writinMWF11:08am - 12:00pmK-213A. HazlettFULL
ENG-094-73Accelerated Learning Program:read&writinTR07:30pm - 08:50pmK-123A. HudsonWAITLIST
ENG-131-60Introduction to College WritingMWF10:08am - 11:00amK-222A. HazlettFULL
ENG-131-73Introduction to College WritingTR06:00pm - 07:20pmK-215A. Hudson
ENG-131A-60Introduction to College Writing (ALP)MWF10:08am - 11:00amK-222A. HazlettWAITLIST
ENG-131A-73Introduction to College Writing (ALP)TR06:00pm - 07:20pmK-215A. HudsonFULL
ENG-132-95College Writing and ResearchNETG. McIlroy
HON-231-08Honors Directed StudyTBAA. BuchananFULL
MATH-080-54Beginning AlgebraF01:05pm - 04:30pmG-213P. Salamon
MATH-080-98Beginning AlgebraNETC. Saghir
MATH-110-51Intermediate AlgebraTR02:05pm - 04:20pmK-124M. Weiss
MATH-115-97College AlgebraNETJ. Gilliland
MATH-180-60Calculus 1TR06:00pm - 08:55pmK-225A. Bazzi
SPN-131-01Elementary Spanish IMW08:10am - 10:00amK-223M. Rutkowski