Henry Ford College

Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Tuesday, 8/23/16
ENG-131-53Introduction to College WritingTR01:10pm - 02:50pmK-161TBD
ENG-131-56Introduction to College WritingTR04:10pm - 05:50pmK-217TBD
ENG-131-58Introduction to College WritingTR05:40pm - 07:20pmK-125TBD
ITAL-131-70Elementary Italian IMW05:10pm - 07:00pmK-219R. Cascardo
MATH-074-50Pre-AlgebraS08:00am - 12:30pmG-213R. Cole
MATH-080-52Beginning AlgebraS12:30pm - 04:00pmG-219TBD
MATH-115-50College AlgebraTR02:05pm - 05:00pmK-124TBD
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Monday, 8/22/16
AUTO-298-01Spec Topics in Automotive TechnologyE-TBAV. Gregory
BCA-101-71Computer KeyboardingTR07:30pm - 09:10pmK-321J. Canfield
CIMWD-101-01Weld Joint Design (Code,Msrment, Tools)E-160K. Ridge
CIMWD-140-50Weld Metallurgy (Ferrous Metals)R05:00pm - 06:00pmE-160K. Ridge
CIMWD-141-50Weld Metallurgy Non-Ferrous MetalsR06:00pm - 07:00pmE-160K. Ridge
CIS-100-13Introduction to Information TechnologyW09:40am - 11:00amE-183A. Drommi
HON-231-13Honors Directed StudyTBAA. Hazlett
HON-236-04Honors Directed Study - Service LearningTBAP. Kim
MATH-100-01Basic Tech MathematicsMW08:10am - 10:00amK-124F. Haidar
MATH-115-60College AlgebraMW06:05pm - 09:00pmK-226Y. Bazzi
MUS-133-98History of Rock & RollNETR. Knight
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Friday, 8/19/16
SPN-131-71Elementary Spanish ITR04:30pm - 06:45pmK-224K. Melton
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Wednesday, 8/17/16
BAC-131-06Introduction to Financial AccountingMW03:10pm - 05:00pmE-141V. Swiencicki
BBA-131-95Introduction to BusinessNETD. Thomas
BCA-090-90Basic Elements of Computers and SoftwareS09:10am - 12:40pmK-320E. Woods
BEC-152-04Principles of Micro EconomicsMW01:10pm - 02:30pmK-312W. Wilson
CIS-100-89Introduction to Information TechnologyNETK. Moscardelli
CIS-100-91Introduction to Information TechnologyNETJ. Zitnik
ENG-081-50Developmental College ReadingTR08:10am - 09:50amK-224V. Cullin
ENG-131-95Introduction to College WritingTBAS. StillFULL
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Tuesday, 8/16/16
ACT-190-02Co-op in Architecture Construction TechA-TBDC. RichertFULL
ACT-190-03Co-op in Architecture Construction TechA-TBDC. Richert
ARA-130-51Pre-Elementary ArabicMW08:10am - 09:50amK-222T. Ayub
ART-107-71PhotoshopTR04:30pm - 05:50pmF-160P. Sekulidis
AUTO-290-02Co-op in Automotive TechnologyA-TBDD. Tillman
AUTO-290-03Co-op in Automotive TechnologyA-TBDD. Tillman
BCO-190-01Co-op in BusinessA-TBDE. Saneske
BCO-190-02Co-op in BusinessA-TBDE. Saneske
BCO-190-03Co-op in BusinessA-TBDC. Asher
CIS-190-01Co-op in Computer Information SystemsA-TBDB. Fulton
CIS-190-02Co-op in Computer Information SystemsA-TBDB. Fulton
CIS-190-03Co-op in Computer Information SystemsA-TBDB. Fulton
CIS-190-04Co-op in Computer Information SystemsA-TBDK. MoscardelliFULL
CIS-190-05Co-op in Computer Information SystemsA-TBDK. Moscardelli
CIS-190-06Co-op in Computer Information SystemsA-TBDK. Moscardelli
CIS-190-07Co-op in Computer Information SystemsA-TBDM. Conner
ENG-093-50Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysMW08:10am - 09:50amK-227J. ScottWAITLIST
GEOG-132-95World Regional GeographyNETC. Geddes
ICO-190-01Co-op in Industrial TechnologyA-TBDR. WeekesFULL
ICO-190-02Co-op in Industrial TechnologyA-TBDR. WeekesFULL
ICO-190-03Co-op in Industrial TechnologyA-TBDR. Weekes
ICO-190-04Co-op in Industrial TechnologyA-TBDR. Weekes
ICO-190-05Co-op in Industrial TechnologyA-TBDR. Weekes
ICO-190-06Co-op in Industrial TechnologyA-TBDR. Weekes
ICO-190-07Co-op in Industrial TechnologyA-TBDR. Weekes
MUS-117-02Piano Class 1TR12:08pm - 01:00pmF-112G. D'Alessio
MUS-130-01Music AppreciationMWF09:08am - 10:00amF-110K. Dewey
PSY-131-15Introductory PsychologyTR11:10am - 12:30pmK-231S. WeldonWAITLIST
SCO-190-01Co-op in ScienceA-TBDJ. Gilliland
SOC-131-03Intro to SociologyTR08:10am - 09:30amK-3B. BajonWAITLIST
SSCO-190-01Co-op in Social ScienceA-TBDV. Shepherd
SSCO-190-02Co-op in Social ScienceA-TBDV. Shepherd
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Monday, 8/15/16
BBA-235-01Office Administration PracticumTBAE. SaneskeFULL
COLL-101-76College SuccessS08:00am - 10:50amK-226TBD
ENG-081-04Developmental College ReadingMWF08:08am - 09:00amK-217B. Crawford
ENG-081-53Developmental College ReadingMW12:10pm - 01:50pmF-205M. Fernane
ENG-131-55Introduction to College WritingMW12:10pm - 01:50pmK-125A. JacobsFULL
ENG-131-87Introduction to College WritingMW04:10pm - 05:50pmK-123C. BobeeFULL
MATH-074-70Pre-AlgebraMW05:25pm - 07:15pmK-229M. Awad
MATH-080-50Beginning AlgebraTR07:50am - 09:30amE-142R. Collins
MOA-190-90Medical Office ExternshipHOSP-TBE. HoffmanFULL
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Thursday, 8/11/16
ENG-081-14Developmental College ReadingMWF10:08am - 11:00amK-216B. Crawford
HON-231-12Honors Directed StudyTBAR. ShowlerFULL
MATH-080-53Beginning AlgebraTR12:40pm - 02:20pmE-142R. CollinsWAITLIST
MTT-120-71Practical Problems in Machine Tools ITR04:10pm - 06:00pmE-167G. PizzinoFULL
SPN-131-50Elementary Spanish IMW02:10pm - 04:25pmK-224S. Bius
TASM-130-50Sheet Metal Layout: Appl TriangulationM04:00pm - 05:50pmE-116R. HousleyFULL