Henry Ford College

Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Summer 2016 on Thursday, 6/16/16
CIMEL-113-01Programming/Editing RobotsMWF03:00pm - 06:30pmE-236TBD
CIMEL-114-01Robot Maintenance and PMMWF03:00pm - 06:30pmE-236TBD
CIMEL-115-01Error Codes & TroubleshootingMWF03:00pm - 06:30pmE-236TBD
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Monday, 6/27/16
ELI-105W-03ELL Writing & Grammar 5MWF12:00pm - 03:00pmE-142C. Codrington
THEA-131-04Theatre AppreciationMWF10:08am - 11:00amF-161G. Popovich
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Wednesday, 6/22/16
BMA-110-98Business MathNETD. Baran
DRAF-142-01Industrial DetailingTBAR. Weekes
ENG-131-10Introduction to College WritingMWF09:08am - 10:00amK-214K. Occhipinti
ENG-131-30Introduction to College WritingTR11:10am - 12:30pmF-205J. Doherty
ENG-131-48Introduction to College WritingMWF08:08am - 09:00amK-214K. Occhipinti
ENG-131-77Introduction to College WritingTR06:00pm - 07:20pmK-216A. Mathis
ENG-132-10College Writing and ResearchMWF09:08am - 10:00amK-102B. Kramer
ENG-132-20College Writing and ResearchMWF01:08pm - 02:00pmK-102C. Simonson-Bloomfield
ENG-132-26College Writing and ResearchMWF10:08am - 11:00amF-205D. Nowak
PHYS-133-70Principles of PhysicsMW05:10pm - 06:30pmJ-044D. Musinski
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Monday, 6/20/16
ASTR-131-03Descriptive AstronomyTR11:10am - 12:30pmJ-041S. Murrell
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Thursday, 6/16/16
BBA-131-74Introduction to BusinessMW07:30pm - 09:20pmK-166A. Awadi
BLW-253-70Business Law and the Legal EnvironmentTR07:30pm - 09:20pmK-322L. Elassal
BMA-110-03Business MathTR01:10pm - 02:50pmK-322R. Field
CIS-100-76Introduction to Information TechnologyNETP. Monson
CIS-100-77Introduction to Information TechnologyNETC. Scannell
CIS-100-78Introduction to Information TechnologyNETM. Vick
CIS-112-03Introduction to NetworkingTR09:10am - 10:30amE-175T. Abdulkarim
CIS-125-05Principles of Programming LogicMW11:10am - 01:00pmE-192A. Conti
GEOG-132-97World Regional GeographyNETC. Geddes
MUS-143-70Vocal Jazz Ensemble 1T07:30pm - 10:10pmF-113K. Dewey
MUS-144-70Vocal Jazz Ensemble 2T07:30pm - 10:10pmF-113K. Dewey
MUS-243-70Vocal Jazz Ensemble 3T07:30pm - 10:10pmF-113K. Dewey
MUS-244-70Vocal Jazz Ensemble 4T07:30pm - 10:10pmF-113K. Dewey
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Wednesday, 6/15/16
CRJ-131-70Intro Law Enforcement & Criminal JusticeMW04:30pm - 05:50pmK-8TBD
Sections added to Fall 2016 on Tuesday, 6/14/16
BIO-131-11Introduction to BiologyMW11:10am - 12:30pmJ-113R. MerrimanFULL
BIO-131-12Introduction to BiologyMW11:10am - 12:30pmJ-113R. Merriman
BIO-134-71Essentials of Anatomy and PhysiologyTR05:25pm - 07:15pmG-007M. Irowa
HCS-124-60Basic Health AssessmentT06:08pm - 08:00pmG-311TBD