Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Winter 2017 on Wednesday, 12/7/16
ENG-093-01Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysMWF08:08am - 09:00amK-125C. Slusher
ENG-093-70Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysTR04:30pm - 05:50pmK-216C. Watts
ENG-093-72Basic Writing: Paragraph to EssaysMW06:00pm - 07:20pmK-214A. Mathis
ENG-131-56Introduction to College WritingTR06:00pm - 07:40pmK-125E. Bean
ENG-132-93College Writing and ResearchTBAP. Kim
ENG-135-51Business & Technical Writing & ResearchMW02:10pm - 03:50pmK-125P. Rodgers
ENT-265-01Energy Systems DesignE-TBAJ. ElmerFULL
HOSP-290-02Co-op in HospitalityA-TBDL. WallaceFULL
HOSP-290-03Co-op in HospitalityA-TBDJ. LaoFULL
POLS-131-14Intro to American Gov't & Pol SciMWF11:08am - 12:00pmK-13M. Lippens
Sections added to Winter 2017 on Tuesday, 12/6/16
ELI-102W-70ELL Writing & Grammar 2MTWR06:00pm - 08:15pmK-144T. Al Haddi
ELI-103R-03ELL Reading & Listening/Speaking 3MWF08:30am - 11:30amF-205TBD
ENG-246-70Introduction to Children's LiteratureTR06:00pm - 07:20pmK-216N. Khachab
HON-231-09Honors Directed StudyTBAR. YahrmatterFULL
HON-231-10Honors Directed StudyTBAK. Moscardelli
HON-231-11Honors Directed StudyTBAK. Moscardelli
HON-231-12Honors Directed StudyTBAM. Zalzali
HON-231-13Honors Directed StudyTBAC. SloanFULL
Sections added to Winter 2017 on Monday, 12/5/16
ENG-131-33Introduction to College WritingMWF01:08pm - 02:00pmG-014M. Kroll
ENG-131-55Introduction to College WritingMW06:00pm - 07:40pmK-213D. Murphy
ENG-132-29College Writing and ResearchMWF01:08pm - 02:00pmK-217K. Occhipinti
Sections added to Winter 2017 on Friday, 12/2/16
CIMEL-103-01Solid State DevicesMTWRF12:00pm - 02:30pmTBATBD
HON-231-08Honors Directed StudyTBAJ. StepaniakFULL
ICO-190-02Co-op in Industrial TechnologyA-TBDR. WeekesFULL
TADV-125-01Intro to Integrated ManufacturingMTWRF12:00pm - 02:30pmTBATBD
Sections added to Winter 2017 on Thursday, 12/1/16
ARA-130-70Pre-Elementary ArabicTR05:10pm - 06:30pmK-223A. Chehab
BBA-110-04Business Language SkillsTR01:10pm - 02:30pmK-323B. Barr
CIMTA-112-01System TechnologyMTWRF12:00pm - 02:30pmTBATBD
CIS-100-78Introduction to Information TechnologyNETM. Vick
MTT-275-70Advanced CNC OperationsTR07:10pm - 09:50pmE-129J. Lesinski
SPC-131-77Fundamentals of SpeakingMW06:00pm - 07:20pmF-205J. Ward
TAEL-105-01AC Theory and EquipmentMTWRF12:00pm - 02:30pmTBATBD
TAFD-125-01Industrial Safety Awareness W First AidMTWRF12:00pm - 02:30pmTBATBD
Sections added to Winter 2017 on Wednesday, 11/30/16
ICO-290-01Co-op in Industrial TechnologyTBAR. WeekesFULL
Sections added to Winter 2017 on Tuesday, 11/29/16
BAC-131-71Introduction to Financial AccountingMW05:30pm - 07:20pmE-141L. Bencsik
BMA-110-01Business MathTR09:40am - 11:00amK-166R. Field
CIS-100-05Introduction to Information TechnologyMW08:10am - 09:30amE-237J. Klavanian
CIS-100-85Introduction to Information TechnologyNETG. Mitchell
CIS-112-03Introduction to NetworkingMW01:00pm - 02:30pmE-176T. Browning
COLL-101-09College SuccessTR04:10pm - 05:50pmTBATBD
COLL-101-10College SuccessTR06:10pm - 07:50pmTBATBD
COLL-101-11College SuccessMW04:10pm - 05:50pmTBATBD
COLL-101-12College SuccessMW06:10pm - 07:50pmTBATBD
COLL-101-70College SuccessS08:10am - 11:20amK-312E. Mitchell
ENG-082-51Academic Reading,Speaking,Listening ELLTR02:10pm - 03:50pmK-213M. Fernane
MTT-100-71Machine Tool Processes ITR07:10pm - 09:40pmE-167TBDFULL
MTT-140-71Introduction to CNCMW07:40pm - 09:25pmE-129TBD
SOC-131-06Intro to SociologyMWF10:08am - 11:00amK-2TBD
SOC-131-22Intro to SociologyTR11:10am - 12:30pmK-8TBD
SOC-131-99Intro to SociologyNETM. SharmaWAITLIST
Sections added to Winter 2017 on Monday, 11/28/16
ASL-131-40Elemementary American Sign Language IW06:10pm - 08:00pmK-125J. Stewart
ENG-131-50Introduction to College WritingTR07:50am - 09:30amK-215W. Barr
MATH-183-72Calculus 2MW05:05pm - 07:20pmTBAJ. Mortada
MTT-140-72Introduction to CNCTR05:10pm - 06:55pmE-129TBDFULL