Recently Opened Course Sections

The following course sections were added within the past two weeks.

SectionCourse TitleDaysTimeRoomFaculty
Sections added to Winter TAE 2014 on Tuesday, 4/8/14
TAFD-115-98Computer Application for Skilled TradesT-TBATBD
Sections added to Spring TAE 2014 on Wednesday, 4/16/14
TAGD-110-50Basic Shape and Size InterpretationT07:00pm - 09:45pmT-178M. Jarvis
MATH-100-01Basic Tech MathematicsMTWR07:30am - 09:30amH-207L. Stop
Sections added to Spring 2014 on Tuesday, 4/15/14
AH-100-02Medical TerminologyTWR12:10pm - 02:45pmH-341D. Johnson
HCS-131-02Computers in Health CareTWR02:00pm - 03:55pmH-337P. Aue
Sections added to Spring 2014 on Monday, 4/14/14
BIO-131-72Introductory BiologyMTWR05:30pm - 06:50pmS-110M. Andrijonas
CHEM-141-03Principles Gen & Inorganic ChemistryMTWR01:30pm - 02:50pmS-160S. Pasishnyk
Sections added to Spring 2014 on Friday, 4/11/14
BEC-152-99Principles of Micro EconomicsNETP. Badry
BIO-131-01Introductory BiologyMTWR12:20pm - 01:40pmS-110M. Foret
MATH-080-05Beginning AlgebraTWR01:45pm - 03:40pmL-226R. Collins
MATH-110-71Intermed AlgebraMTWR05:30pm - 07:30pmL-228K. Prasad
Sections added to Spring 2014 on Wednesday, 4/9/14
BBA-131-98Introduction to BusinessNETK. Bowman Walker
BCA-140-08Software ApplicationsTWR12:10pm - 02:05pmH-125M. Trohimczyk
BCA-140-96Software ApplicationsNETD. Smith
CIS-100-01Introduction to Information TechnologyMW09:35am - 11:30amT-239M. Green
CIS-100-96Introduction to Information TechnologyNETM. Conner
ENG-074-70Grammar PowerMTWR08:00pm - 09:35pmL-161TBDWAITLIST
HOSP-221-01Front Office Procedures & Guest ServiceMW08:30am - 11:10amC-165TBD
Sections added to Spring 2014 on Tuesday, 4/8/14
ASTR-133-98Introductory Astronomy LaboratoryNETM. LoPresto
BIO-130-99Evolution and BehaviorNETL. Brandt
ELI-005-02ELL Integrated Skills 5MTWR08:30am - 01:00pmL-148M. Birosak
ENG-082-02Esl-Acad Rdg, Speaking, ListeningTWR01:45pm - 03:40pmL-102S. Pettigrew
ENG-132-03College Writing & ResearchTWR09:35am - 11:30amL-227N. Castle-Kelly
ENG-132-73College Writing & ResearchTWR07:35pm - 09:30pmL-221K. Jaczynski
ENG-132-98College Writing & ResearchTBAP. San Antonio
ENG-135-02Business & Technical Writing & ResearchTWR01:45pm - 03:40pmH-014K. Matedne
MATH-074-01Pre-AlgebraMTWR09:35am - 11:35amH-211R. Denman
TCM-131-96Intro to TelecommunicationNETR. Piet
Sections added to Spring 2014 on Monday, 4/7/14
ASTR-131-99Descriptive AstronomyNETS. Murrell
MATH-175-71Pre-CalculusMTWR07:35pm - 10:05pmH-219K. Prasad
Sections added to Summer 2014 on Thursday, 4/17/14
CIS-121-98Introduction to the InternetNETR. James
Sections added to Summer 2014 on Monday, 4/14/14
BIO-233-13Anatomy and Physiology 1MTW02:00pm - 03:50pmS-160M. Termos
Sections added to Summer 2014 on Thursday, 4/10/14
BIO-233-80Anatomy and Physiology 1TWR05:00pm - 06:50pmS-160M. Irowa
Sections added to Summer 2014 on Wednesday, 4/9/14
BCA-140-98Software ApplicationsNETD. Baran
CIS-100-98Introduction to Information TechnologyNETA. Conti
Sections added to Summer 2014 on Tuesday, 4/8/14
CHEM-131-80Principles of ChemistryTWR05:10pm - 07:00pmS-002K. Williams
MATH-115-81College AlgebraMTWR07:35pm - 10:05pmH-129M. Cooper
MATH-180-81Calculus 1MTWR07:35pm - 10:08pmH-221D. Jacobs
Sections added to Fall 2014 on Tuesday, 4/15/14
ATMS-131-98Weather and ClimateNETM. LoPresto
BIO-150-04Biology: Organisms, Genes & EcologyMW12:40pm - 02:00pmS-161L. Brandt
BIO-233-06Anatomy and Physiology 1MW11:10am - 12:30pmS-113G. Karapetian
BIO-233-71Anatomy and Physiology 1TR05:10pm - 06:30pmS-113G. Karapetian
Sections added to Fall 2014 on Monday, 4/14/14
PHYS-231-71Engineering PhysicsWR05:10pm - 07:00pmS-044TBDWAITLIST
PHYS-232-02Engineering Physics ContTR11:10am - 01:00pmS-043TBDFULL
Sections added to Fall 2014 on Friday, 4/11/14
ANTH-151-99Cultures of North AmericaNETK. Janka
Sections added to Fall 2014 on Thursday, 4/10/14
MATH-074-01Pre-AlgebraMW08:08am - 10:00amL-228TBD
MATH-289-70Differential EquationsTR05:25pm - 07:15pmH-219TBD
Sections added to Fall 2014 on Tuesday, 4/8/14
PHYS-231-02Engineering PhysicsTR11:10am - 01:00pmS-042J. Smith