NSG 117 Medical-Surgical Nursing 1

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Course Description: 

Introduces the first semester nursing student to the role of the professional nurse as the provider of care for adult clients and a member of the profession. Explains how to utilize critical thinking skills in a systematic, problem solving process as a framework for providing care. Provides a framework for best practices, to think critically, assess factors that influence safe and effective care delivery, and integrate theory with care of clients. Also covers medical and surgical aseptic techniques, hygiene, body mechanics, range of motion, medication administration, urinary catheter insertion, nasogastric tube insertion and care, percutaneous tube care, tube feedings, intravenous medications administration, application of oxygen therapy, use of personal protective equipment, and wound care.

BIO 233, ENG 131, HCS 131, MATH 1094 or MATH 110, and PSY 131 with a minimum grade of C or instructor permission.
NSG 101 and NSG 115 and BIO 234 (taken either previously or concurrently) with a minimum grade of C