EMS 220 Paramedic III

Credit Hours: 
Course Description: 

Introduces the pathophysiology of respiratory disease and neurological emergencies, then integrates this knowledge with assessment findings to develop a field impression and deliver appropriate medical care, including an in-depth discussion of endocrine emergencies and the associated treatments. Significant course time details the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of various types of trauma. The emphasis is on treating the “whole patient,” avoiding treatment distractions of any singular injury.

EMS 200, EMS 206, EMS 210, EMS 290
EMS 216, EMS 230, EMS 295

Suggested Prerequisites: ENG 131 and ENG 132. It is recommended that students place
into ENG 131 prior to attempting any EMS course.

All advanced level EMS students must maintain a current CPR card for the Healthcare
Provider, American Heart Association.