Henry Ford College

Medical Emergencies

Student Injury or Illness

  • If you are made aware of someone who has become ill or injured, assist in any manner that you are trained in, i.e., CPR, First Aid, and/or seek assistance from faculty, staff, or others in your immediate area.
  • Call or have someone else call Campus Safety immediately even if the person is feeling better or is not seriously injured.
  • Give Campus Safety as much detail as possible, for instance the type of injury, exact location, etc., and say on the line to ensure response.
  • If the situation appears to be serious call Campus Safety or 911 from your personal phone. Be sure to let Campus Safety know that EMS has been called. Campus Safety will respond and lend assistance and document the situation in an incident report.
  • Campus Safety may contact EMS and will direct them to the location if necessary.
  • Students are responsible for the cost of transportation or treatment as the result of an injury or illness on campus.

First Aid Services

The Office of Campus Safety provided first aid response to employees, students, and visitors. Contact the 24-hour emergency phone number in the event of an injury or illness while on campus.