Henry Ford College

Inclement Weather

In the event the college is closed due to inclement weather, employees and students should call the main switchboard at 1-800-585-HFC (4322), check the main HFC Web site, or tune to local TV or Radio Stations for closing information.

Tornado Watch

A Tornado Watch only indicates that conditions are favorable for a severe storm or tornado but none have been spotted.

Tornado Warning

In the event that a tornado is spotted or the National Weather Service indicates that a tornado has been spotted in our area, they will issue a Tornado Warning. The HFC Emergency Notification System and the HFC Alert System will be activated.

Students and employees hearing the siren should take cover immediately in the designated shelter areas. Shelter areas are indicated in the Campus Emergency Manual located in each department's office and on building maps located inside the entrance to every building on campus.

Tornado Emergencies

  • Students should be aware of the tornado shelter areas in their buildings.
  • These areas are indicated in yellow on the building floor maps near the entrances of all buildings.
  • Upon hearing the siren, or if otherwise notified, all employees, students, and visitors must proceed to the designated shelter areas immediately.
  • Disabled persons should be assisted to the shelter. Elevators are for the disabled only.
  • The siren will be set off in the event of a verified tornado warning that indicates a tornado is in our geographical area.
  • All students, employees, and visitors should stay in the shelter areas until given the all clear by a college official (Campus Safety or other department administrator).

Snow or Emergency College Closing

In the event that the college closes, either because of snow or other reasons like a power outage, gas leak, etc., the closing will be announced on local TV and radio stations. During regular hours, students will be notified of closings by staff, faculty, or by postings in buildings, public address announcements, or the Emergency Broadcast System.

For Information On Weather Conditions and Warnings

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