Get Unplugged! On Our Wireless Campus

Henry Ford College students now can get connected through free wireless Internet service on HFC's main campus in Dearborn. The HFC wireless network, nicknamed 'HFC Unplugged', is available in the Eshleman Library, ASCC, Health Careers, Liberal Arts, Mackenzie Fine Arts Center, Science, Learning Technology Center, the Student & Culinary Arts Center and the Technology Building on the main campus in Dearborn from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. All buildings on the 75-acre main campus soon will have wireless capabilities.

What You Can Do on the Network

The wireless network gives students the freedom to have access to Internet-based resources at their convenience from their laptops and PDAs. Students are able to connect to the Internet in and out of class at their convenience to download homework assignments and lectures, complete course assignments, access online study materials and email instructors, all without wires. The wireless network gives students the ability to take their technology (and homework assignments!) with them wherever they go. Getting Connected

Thank You to the HFC Foundation

"We are most appreciative of the HFC Foundation's efforts to make this wireless network a reality," said HFC President Andrew A. Mazzara. "Since all new laptops and PDAs are being made wireless ready or have wireless fidelity built in, for HFC to go wireless means accommodating technology that will soon be as common as cell phones. As more of our courses continue to use the latest computer technology, the wireless network is just one more way we are giving our students a competitive edge. We're large enough to offer the best in technology to our students, just as many four-year universities".