Student Activities Testimonials

Dawn Dodge
2007 Graduate
Paralegal Studies/General Business

“My experience with student activities at HFCC was exciting and prepared me well as I continued to lead in other organizations during both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Student activities should be part of the curriculum in my opinion because you can’t learn in a book what social situations teach. My experience as a student club member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Criminal Justice Club, and the Legal Assistant Association built up my skill set and forced me to learn how to work effectively with different people. As the President of LAAN, I had the rare privilege to work with colleagues and we came together
as a formidable team with the LAAN organization. Our group won the best new club award and some of my colleagues and I received awards at the Club Achievement Awards. Many of our members stay in contact today.”

Virginia "Ginger" Wilhelmi
2011 Graduate
Medical Business Management

“After being out of school for 27 years, I came back to Henry Ford Community College in spring 2009 after my lay-off from Ford Motor Company. My second year back, I got involved with different student activities and worked with the Community Service Club and Relay for Life event. I found that students who share common goals and help each other with homework do better in college and progress in life.”

Mark Rinn
2010 Graduate

“When I became director of the HFCC Film Club, it became a club whose goal was to make films, not just watch them. I found out quickly, that the hard part was getting a team to agree on what kind of film to make and then dividing up the work evenly; write a treatment, script storyboards, shot list, shooting script, casting call, etc. Many people will jump at the chance to help shoot a film. In the summer of 2009, we entered a 48 hour film competition. That is to write, shoot, edit and turn in a finished 5 to 7 minute film in 48 hours. We had two teams shooting films simultaneously and many film club members past and present were involved. The film ended up winning Best Mockumentary at the award festival! It was a crazy time and a lot of fun.”

Kelly Featherston
2012 Graduate
Respiratory Therapy

“My involvement with the HFCC Community Service Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Ice Carving Club provided me with new experiences including making new friends and developing leadership skills. I served as President of the Community Service Club for three years and had the opportunity to plan meetings and worthwhile events. It was very rewarding to help others by taking part in projects such as the Shoebox Project for kids at Children’s Hospital and Beaumont Hospital, the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, food collections for needy families, and much more. The Ice Carving Club taught me how to carve ice and gave me the opportunity to showcase my carvings. Phi Theta Kappa gave me the opportunity to help others and participate in leadership programs. I strongly believe in helping others and my experiences taught me about working with people which is an important skill in my career as a Respiratory Therapist."

Suzanne Foley
2012 Graduate
Associate in Arts

“During my time at Henry Ford Community College, I was very involved in various club activities. I was and still am a very active member of the Community Service Club and Phi Theta Kappa. I helped raise money for Covenant House, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the Epilepsy Foundation, and more. I served as a writer for the Mirror News (the college’s student newspaper) and received a student journalism award for my Critical Review article. I was part of the HFCC Honors program and attended leadership training programs and education programs. Though students may graduate from HFCC and move on to universities they’ve chosen, when you have become involved in club activities where you know you’re helping to make a difference in someone’s life, it’s hard to walk away. That is why, even though I have graduated, I continue to stay involved in HFCC clubs.”