Henry Ford College

Make an Appointment

After reviewing the information below, please call the Assisted Learning Services Office at 313-845-9617 to schedule an appointment with a counselor or obtain additional information.

Determine Eligibility for Assisted Learning Services
Normally, the first appointment students schedule with an Assisted Learning Services Department Counselor is to determine if they are eligible for Assisted Learning Services, particularly for academic assistance. Students may also receive other administrative assistance during their first appointment. Students should have applied to, and been accepted at Henry Ford College prior to calling to schedule this appointment. In addition, students should have taken their assessment tests. If the student's disability precludes him or her from taking the assessment tests without some type of special assistance, arrangements should be made with the Assisted Learning Services Office .

When arriving for their appointment, students must have written documentation of their disability (exceptions can be made if the student has a permanent, visible handicap). This appointment is normally scheduled for one hour.

Acceptable sources for written documentation of a disability generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Other Professionals
  • Michigan Jobs Commission
  • Other Rehabilitation Agencies

Receive Other Administrative Assistance
During the course of their tenure at Henry Ford, Assisted Learning Services Students are encouraged to see an Assisted Learning Services Counselor, as needed. Counselors can help with information on registration, graduation, academic advising, career counseling, and personal concern counseling.

After the initial counseling session to determine eligibility for Assisted Learning Services, follow-up sessions are generally scheduled for 30 minutes.