Academic Assistance

Students who meet with a Assisted Learning Services Counselor and verify eligibility may receive one or more of the following types of assistance:

Specialized testing conditions including extra time, readers, writers, large print tests, and use of a computer with text magnification and voice synthesis capabilities. These services are available for classes as well as for some standardized tests.

Textbooks on tape
Students who require textbooks on tape are responsible for determining if a particular textbook is available from "Learning Ally" (local office: 248 879-0101). Students should have a list of the book title, author, edition, publication date, ISBN#, and publisher before calling. If a required textbook is not available from Learning Ally , notify the Assisted Learning Services Department and we will arrange to have it recorded. This can require from eight weeks to three months, and should be arranged well in advance of when the text book will be needed.

Adaptive Equipment
There is a range of equipment available for use by students with physical or learning disabilities. This includes hardware and software that allows text to be scanned and read back to the user, software that magnifies text on the computer screen, and software that reads or describes most text and icons encountered on a computer screen. This equipment may aid blind or partially sighted individuals as well as those with some types of reading disabilities. Training on some systems may be required. Other equipment may be available. Please call (313) 845-9617 to inquire.

Reader/writer services for the classroom
Students will be provided with someone who can read or write for them during class time.

Students who qualify for note-taking assistance will be allowed to use a tape recorder in classes and may also qualify for a notetaker.

American Sign Language interpreters for the classroom
Deaf or hearing-impaired students will be provided with ASL interpreters for the classroom.