Plan and Register

Use Course Planning Feature to Register

Student Planning has a robust course planning feature that allows you to build a course sequence for your academic program. The course planning feature generates a sequence based on the requirements of your program and your current progress, and allows you to plan, schedule, and register for the courses that you need. Below is a step-by-step guide to using the course planning feature.

  1. Select View Your Progress. View

  2. Click on Load Sample Course Plan to load a term-by-term layout of your academic program. View

  3. Select a term and an academic program, then click Preview Plan. View

  4. Review the Sample Course Plan Preview, then click Load to apply these courses to your course plan.

    Note: a check mark will display next to courses you have already completed or are currently enrolled in. Also, if you are loading a plan for a new program, you will need to remove courses from previous program plans. Previously loaded plans do not disappear when you select a new program. View

  5. The Sample Course Plan will display in the Schedule tab. Choose a course and click View Other Sections. View

  6. Click on the section to view details. Then click on Add Section to Schedule to add the section to the schedule. View

  7. When you are satisfied with your schedule, click Register Now.

Browse Catalog to Register

Student Planning also allows you to simply search and register for courses from the catalog. Courses added using this method will appear on your course plan or schedule.

  1. On the Student Planning Tab, click on Course Catalog to view a list of courses alphabetically or search for a specific course. View

  2. Select the course you would like to add. You may add the course to your academic plan or schedule. View

View Timeline

Once you have planned or registered for courses you can use the Student Planning Timeline feature to move courses to different terms, add courses to terms, or add more terms to your Timeline.

  1. From the Plan and Schedule menu, choose the tab that says Timeline. View

  2. Click on a course to see the option to move it to a new semester. View