Henry Ford College

Dual Enrollment Students: Attending Both High School & College

HFC is a participant in the Dual Enrollment Program, which allows high school students to take college courses. This program allows eligible students at participating high schools the opportunity to take approved HFC courses for college credit and have tuition covered by their high school.

Students must submit a special Dual Enrollment Application for each semester in which they plan to enroll in both HFC courses and high school courses. The application for admission is available on the HFC website. The directions to apply for admission are under the Apply for Dual Enrollment section below. Dual Enrollment students desiring placement in Mathematics, Chemistry or English courses are required to take the appropriate placement tests.

Apply for Dual Enrollment

  1. Speak with your high school counselor.
    Discuss with your high school counselor which classes best meet your needs.

  2. Complete the online application.
    See the application instructions for more information.

Register for Classes

All dual enrollment students must meet with their high school counselor before registering for classes at HFC.

HFC students can register for classes online via WebAdvisor. Students will need an HFC username and password to register for classes. HFC sends new students their username by email. The default password is the student’s month and day of birth combined in the following format: 0512 (for May 12th). Students who have previously taken courses at HFC will already have a username and password that they may continue to use for HFC web services; they will also retain the same HANK ID number. For password assistance, consult Password Help.

Log in to WebAdvisor

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor.
  2. Select the "Students" menu.
  3. Under "Registration," click "Register for Sections."
  4. Then, click "Search" and register for sections.

Next Screen: Search/Register for Sections

  1. Select the Term, e.g. 15/FA.
  2. Under Subject, enter the SUBJ., e.g. ART (for an Art course).
  3. Under Course Number, enter the course number only, e.g. ART 101 (ART is the subject and 101 is the course number).
  4. Click Submit.

Next Screen: Select Sections

NOTE: This listing includes all courses, regardless of status (open, closed, or wait-listed).

  1. Check the box for the desired course section.
  2. Click "Submit."
  3. Under "Action," select the drop-down menu, and choose an action: register, remove, or wait-list.
  4. Click "Submit" once again to confirm the action.

After this step, a confirmation will indicate the successful registration of the selected course.

View Class Schedule

Students can view their class schedule by returning to the Student Menu in WebAdvisor, and clicking "My Class Schedule."

Students must print a copy of their HFC schedule for their high school counselor's records. Students must also receive approval from their high school counselor to make any changes (add/drop) to their schedule.

Dual Enrollment Orientation

Students who are new to the Dual Enrollment Program are required to attend a Dual Enrollment Orientation (DEO) session. These sessions will help students have a better understanding of what is expected of them as college students and will go over some of the major differences between high school and college. DEO will also cover the services available to them on the HFC campus.

Dearborn Public School students will be able to attend an orientation session scheduled at their high school during the school day. All other students will be able to attend a session on the HFC campus.

For additional information about DEO and to find out when session dates are, please visit the Office of Orientation & New Student Engagement (ONSE) Dual Enrollment Orientation page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment allows public high school students to take college courses that are paid for by the student's school district or charter school. This program allows eligible students the opportunity to receive college credit while still in high school.

Who is eligible?

Interested students should contact their high school counseling office to discuss opportunities regarding Dual Enrollment/Advancement Plus.

What courses are eligible?

  • Career, academic, and technical courses not offered by the public school in which the student is enrolled.
  • Career, academic, and technical courses offered by the public school in which the student is enrolled, but is determined by the school district to not be available to the student because of scheduling conflicts beyond the student’s control.

When may students attend Dual Enrollment courses?

Students may take courses at HFC during the high school district’s regular academic year, which coincides with HFC’s fall, winter, and spring semesters. Students may enroll for all times: morning, afternoon, evening, online, and Saturdays.


  • Eligible students may enroll in HFC courses for high school credit(s) or college credit(s) or both.
  • If high school credit(s) is granted, it shall be counted toward the graduation and subject area requirements of the student’s school district.

Who pays for Dual Enrollment?

Through Dual Enrollment, the student’s tuition and any technology, service, course and/or registration fees shall be paid for by the school district in which he or she is enrolled.

Do students need to attend a DEO session after registering for classes?

Students who are new to Dual Enrollment are required to attend a DEO session. Visit the Dual Enrollment Orientation page to register for a session.

What if a student is not eligible for Dual Enrollment?

If a student’s high school will not fund their courses at HFC, a student can still apply and register to HFC through the Advancement Plus program.

What is Advancement Plus?

  • Advancement Plus is a program through which public, private, or home-schooled students may take college courses that are paid for by the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • Home-schooled students must get the approval of the HFC Counseling Director, before he or she can be considered for Advancement Plus. Please contact 313-845-9611.

For additional information, please call an Enrollment Associate at 800-585-HFCC (4322).

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act Update Memorandum is available online at the State of Michigan website (search for dual enrollment).