Henry Ford College

Tips for Middle and High School Students

It’s not too soon to start thinking about college. Even if college is still three or four years in your future you can – and should - get ready for it now.

A few things to think about:

Your Annual Plan to Get Ready for College

For success in college follow this year-by-year and step-by step plan to get ready. You can also find some great tips in this Federal publication, the College Preparation Checklist.

Remember, the Grades You Get Now Are Important

  • Take advanced courses.
  • Get a well-rounded education

Learn how to Earn College Credit While You're Still in High School

Do you know the State of Michigan High School Graduation Requirements?

Careers: What Kinds of Jobs Interest You?

  • Read about those jobs.
  • Talk to someone you know who does that kind of work.
  • Find out what college coursework you need.
  • Get hands-on experience doing similar work. For example, volunteer somewhere. And when you’re old enough, try to find a job or internship that relates to your future career.

Choosing a College - Some Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do you want to stay close to home?
  • Would you like to be on a large campus or a smaller one?
  • Make a list of your favorite colleges. Do they offer the courses or majors you want? (At HFC you can choose from more than 100 programs and areas of study.)
  • What are the costs for tuition, books, housing? HFC gives you a great education at an affordable cost.
  • Does the school you're interested in have other activities you’d like – theatre and music, sports, clubs? At HFC you could participate in dozens of clubs, act in a play or sing in a choir, or play on one of our intercollegiate or intramural sports teams.
  • There's always something going on at HFC.

Paying for College

Learn More on Michigan's KnowHow2GO Web site

Michigan's KnowHow2Go Web site has tips for students in grades 8-10 and their families. Click here to visit the Web site.