Theatre Featured Courses

Required Courses

For a list of all courses required for this program, please consult the Catalog.

Featured Courses

The following are a sampling of key courses that are a part of the Theatre program.

  • Students who wish to perform are introduced to a variety of acting techniques, including those of Stanislaviski, Hagan, Chekov and Meisner.

  • Our lab includes drafting table, one industrial and two home sewing machines, two cutting tables, and storage for more than 3,000 pieces and accessories.

  • From assistant director, production manager, presale and at-the-door box office responsibilities, rehearsal and production stage management, publicity and promotions direction, house management, deck captain and special team leaders, production management offers a wide variety of practical opport

  • A 12-seat makeup station downstairs and eight additional chairs in backstage dressing rooms make study and application a breeze. Wigs for males and females are complimented by falls, beards, and mustaches.