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Pre-Engineering Featured Courses

Required Courses

For a list of all courses required for this program, please consult the Catalog.

Featured Courses

The following are a sampling of key courses that are a part of the Pre-Engineering program.

  • ENGR 233 Dynamics

    Covers basic concepts and principles of dynamics with the application of Newton’s laws of motion to engineering. Covers kinematics, kinetics of...
  • Hand writes math formulas on a green chalkboard with white chalk

    MATH 180 Calculus

    The most critical course in this program is Calculus I (MATH-180). All mathematics are offered in a sequence starting at Calculus I. If a student cannot reach to this course nor pass it successfully, he/she will not be able to take the rest of 14 credits of mathematics.

  • ENGR 130 Introduction to Engineering

    This course is a gateway to Pre-Engineering program. In this course, student learn about different types of engineering and 4-year school offerings. In addition, students work in a team environment in order to successfully follow a design process and build a prototype.

  • ENGR 201 Science of Materials

    Introduces the science of engineering materials. The properties of metals, alloys, polymers, and ceramics are correlated with their internal...
  • ENGR 232 Statics

    Covers basic concepts and principles of statics including an introduction to the mechanics of materials. Also discusses vector algebra, equilibrium...