Physical Therapist Assistant Featured Courses

Required Courses

For a list of all courses required for this program, please consult the Catalog.

Featured Courses

The following are a sampling of key courses that are a part of the Physical Therapist Assistant program.

  • This course is part of the first semester in the program that introduces students to the profession, lays a science foundation for the following semesters and is the first of many hands-on courses.

  • Therapeutic exercise is part of the second semester where students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned from the first semester to implement treatments for patients.

  • Extremity Orthopedics is one of the third semester courses that allows students to expand on knowledge and skills gained in the previous year as they learn how specific pathologies and injuries present for the patients they will treat as a PTA.

  • The final semester is a full-time clinical experience where students have the opportunity to apply the learned techniques, enhance problem-solving and professional skills as they provide physical therapy services to real patients under the supervision of a PTA and PT.