Manufacturing Trades

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Manufacturing Trades

Provides the related trades instructional classes for registered Department of Labor and other industrial apprentices involved in the manufacturing technologies of transportation based manufacturing. Apprentices in these skilled trade classifications take courses defined by their employer or joint apprentice committee. They also must complete the on-the-job hours of work and skills certification to qualify for journey-person certification or the equivalent. Apprentice certificate educational programs are typically 38 credit hours or longer in duration. Apprentice or Journeymen students may also be eligible to apply credits earned in their trade's educational programs toward the 60 credit hours required for the degree.

Manufacturing Production Specialist

Provides foundation skills and experiences in manufacturing processes and systems, develops an awareness of manufacturing systems and technologies, and creates a level of technological literacy essential for today’s advanced manufacturing operations. The Basic Manufacturing Production Specialist certificate provides the educational essentials for working at the production level in Advanced Manufacturing and leads to the Mechatronic Manufacturing Associate in Applied Science Degree.


James Anderson
FT Faculty - Trades
B.A.S., Siena Heights University
Glenn Wisniewski
FT Faculty - Trades
B.A.S., Siena Heights College; M.Sc.A., Central Michigan University-- 313-845-9794