Chari Milai, B.A.

Student Success Navigator-Advising

Chari Milai has earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree and is currently pursuing her Master degree in the same field. For over 15 years, Chari has held multiple positions in various capacities at Henry Ford College. In addition to working with students in higher education, Chari has worked with at-risk populations at several homeless shelters and agencies. She is an advocate for those who are battling poverty, homelessness, and abuse from domestic violence and Human Trafficking. As an HFC Student Success Navigator, Chari enjoys functioning as a bridge to help students reach their educational goals. By connecting students to vital resources that help remove barriers to learning, Chari helps students to build brighter futures. She believes in empowering students with the tools--one being education, that will open doorways to a sense of security, a better and healthier life, and ultimately happiness.