Emergency Medical Services (Firefighter / Paramedic) Program Alumni


  • Khalil Khalil

    Khalil Khalil

    HFC students learn why to do things, instead of simply what to do. This deeper understanding makes our graduates independently functioning clinicians and not the kind of paramedics who simply react to their patients’ symptoms. EMS is generally a good fit for people who like physical work and want to do different things in different environments every day. Students expect to learn all of the skills and knowledge to be an exceptional paramedic. This program would be of great benefit for anyone looking towards a career in EMS, Physician Assistant, or MD/DO.

  • Ali Bajey

    Ali Bajey

    I picked this program because I have heard nothing but the best from others who took it. Being a student who has gone through it, and comparing to what other students have said about other programs, I would have not chosen any other. This is the best, skill-wise and informational in the classroom setting. You will not leave here without being ready for the road.

  • Jonathon Brackett

    Jonathon Brackett

    I enrolled in HFC's Paramedic Program because of its great reputation. I came into the program with the goal of being exposed to as much knowledge and hands-on training as one could get from a paramedic program. My goals were surpassed as I am about to graduate, feeling more prepared to work in the field than I ever expected. Thanks to the tremendously experienced and knowledgeable staff, as well as the huge selection of clinical sites and lab equipment, I know I am equipped to be a great paramedic.

  • Steve Timmons

    Steve Timmons

    This program really stands out compared to others, by preparing you for the road as well as teaching you how to be a paramedic. This program really teaches you how to be a great paramedic. If you put in the dedication and time, then this program will be great for you.

  • A Perez

    The HFC EMS Program is, in my opinion, the best in Southeast Michigan. I was afforded many opportunities that students from other programs were not. The staff are knowledgeable, committed, and will bend over backwards to help any student succeed. My instructors were all leaders in the field and ensured that I would not simply obtain my paramedic license, but that I was going to be the best possible paramedic I could be. There is a commitment to excellence that permeated every aspect of my education, and I do my best to continue that tradition in my career. For anyone thinking about EMS as a career, all I can say is it’s the best job in the world. Every day, I know I’m making a difference in other’s lives and part of a highly honored profession.