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Digital and Graphic Arts Featured Courses

Required Courses

For a list of all courses required for this program, please consult the Catalog.

Featured Courses

The following are a sampling of key courses that are a part of the Digital and Graphic Arts program.

  • ART 230 Motion Graphics

    Introduces the theory and application of motion graphics. Includes pre-visualization techniques, animatics, and video to communicate a message....
  • ART 214 Graphic Design Studio 2

    ART 214 Graphic Design Studio 2

    New for Fall 2016. This course uses the Adobe Creative to develop branding materials from package design to marketing materials.

  • ART 150 Introduction to Digital Photography

    ART 150 Introduction to Digital Photography

    An introductory-level course on the basics of digital imaging where creativity is emphasized. Offers key concepts such as (manual) camera capture,...
  • ART 130 History of Graphic Design

    ART 130 History of Graphic Design

    Studies the evolution of the letter form, the emergence of type and printing, and the history of design and illustration. Also explores design...
  • ART 165 Typography

    ART 165 Typography

    Covers typography, typesetting, and layout design including history, anatomy, and use in design. Introduces Adobe Illustrator. Suggested prerequisite...
  • ART 265 Illustration

    ART 265 Illustration

    Emphasizes traditional and digital drawing and painting techniques used by illustrators to create commercial illustrations for print and digital...
  • ART 275 Advanced Projects

    ART 275 Advanced Projects

    Focuses on individualized, advanced projects in the student’s area of concentration, one of which is for self-promotion (resume or portfolio).
  • ART 108 Introduction to Animation

    ART 108 Introduction to Animation

    Offers an in-depth study of interactive design and animation using industry standard animation software.
  • ART 209 3-D Animation

    ART 209 3-D Animation

    3D modeling using industry standard software (Maya or Blender)

  • ART 255 Animation Basics

    ART 255 Animation Basics

    Covers how to plan and produce animations and motion graphics from conceptual storyboard through final digital output. Explores character development...
  • ART 112 Drawing II

    ART 112 Drawing II

    Stresses drawing fundamentals through working with a variety of subject matter observed firsthand. Covers a variety of drawing media.
  • ART 116 Painting I

    ART 113 Life Drawing I

    Introduces how to draw the human figure. Discusses proportion and anatomy through direct observation, and explores a variety of media.
  • ART 116 Painting I

    ART 116 Painting I

    Explores a broad range of traditional and contemporary approaches to painting.
  • ART 245 Interactive Design

    ART 245 Interactive Design

    Explains how to use Dreamweaver and offers a review of Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. Explores how to design and produce interactive web designs using...
  • Illustration of a girl gracefully falling from the sky, holding a string tied to clouds next to a melting moon, with the caption "I shall be a cloud, you the moon, and this is our tea" coming from a black silhouette of a teapot on the right of the image

    ART 107 Photoshop

    Provides an introductory level study of digital imaging with for print, web, and animation applications.

  • ART 114 Graphic Design Studio 1

    ART 114 Graphic Design Studio 1

    Learn the basics skills necessary to begin working as a graphic designer. Learn to create vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator as well as layout using Adobe InDesign