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About Our Program

Do you want a career where you can make a difference in your community? Do you want to play a role in the exciting and innovative changes taking place in Metro Detroit? Do you want to learn the skills you need to be a leader – an agent of change – in your neighborhood? Do you want to meet the movers and shakers who are leading community changes?

At HFC, you can follow two pathways to gaining the skills and knowledge to be an agent of change. We offer an Associate Degree in Community Leadership with the opportunity to transfer all the credits to several four-year colleges and universities in the metro area. We also offer a Certificate in Community Leadership that can be a stand-alone credential or can be part of another associate degree program here at the College.

Civil society needs leadership to solve everyday problems. These problems can’t be solved by CEOs or elected officials alone. Community leadership is leading citizens to solve the problems in their own community. As renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

As a part of the Community Leadership program, you will join a national network of students, community colleges, and community organizations working toward the same goal: Preparing the next generation of community leaders for careers dedicated to improving the quality of life in rapidly changing communities. Additionally, these programs will prepare you for a leadership career in non-profit agencies, community organizing, local government, community health, the green economy, and even running for public office.

Interested in our Program?

  • Build relationships with community leaders
  • Career Opportunities
    • Human services
    • City & county government
    • Food & housing security
    • Environment and green economy
    • Economic development
    • Community safety – police & fire
    • Community health
    • Senior services
    • Pre-school education
    • Arts & cultural organizations
    • Community organizing
  • +7.6% Job Growth

    Job growth expected for Social and Community Service managers from 2016-25.

  • $28.83 hourly wage

    Median hourly earnings for Social and Community Service managers

  • Hands-on involvement
    • volunteer at non-profit organizations
    • engage in community clean-up
    • work with religious, political, and social welfare entities
  • Engage in your Community

    Learn skills to convene public meetings and lead campaigns

  • Internships offered

    Students engage in internships that focus on enhancing classroom learning in real world situations

Student Testimonials

  • Fatima Nkata

    Fatima Nkata

    With most classes, you just go into the class, do the assignments, and that’s the end of it. With this class, however, I feel it's an extension of all the elements of our lives. We are actively part of the learning process, which I believe is what community engagement is all about.

    (full interview at Community Learning Partnership Student Spotlight)

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Robert Yahrmatter
FT Faculty - Political Science
A.A., Henry Ford College; B.A., Wayne State University - Undergrad. Admissions; B.A., Wayne State University*; M.A., Wayne State University*