American Sign Language

Do you like to talk with your hands? Do you like to work one-on-one? Do you like to help people? Learn American Sign Language (ASL) and lend your voice to the Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

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ASL at HFC is an interactive, hands-on program, of special interest to visual learners. HFC offers ASL classes for learners of all abilities, providing you with communicative opportunities in and beyond the classroom to bridge the gaps between the hearing and deaf cultures. Take an ASL class or two, or earn a Deaf Studies certificate.

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Testimonials and Endorsements

Doha I.


When I was in the third grade, I taught myself the ASL alphabet. After that, I really wanted to learn sign language but it wasn't available in any school or college I attended. Once HFC opened the first ASL class, I was reluctant to take it because learning a new language can be very grueling, but my professors were enthusiastic and very encouraging and wanted nothing more than to open our eyes to the world of ASL. I only continued all the way through the program because my professors had 100% confidence and gave full support to the students.

Rahimah A.


At first I thought it was a dream to learn American Sign Language, Little did I know that this beautiful language was being taught at Henry Ford College. Connecting and communicating with the hearing world and the deaf world opened my vision and perspective. This world is filled with unique people all around us. As I complete my education in the Deaf Studies program, I am confident in my choice of career. I am thankful for the amazing teachers who encouraged and supported us. This is a field that is open to everyone, regardless of what career path a person chooses: American Sign Language is useful everywhere.


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Jennifer Stewart
World Languages - FT Faculty
M.S., Saint Joseph's University 313-845-6481