Student Resources and Support, Fall 2020 and Winter 2021

Henry Ford College is focusing on safe operations and top-quality student services during the coronavirus outbreak.

How can we help you?

If you do not find what you need on this website, please reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

The Contact Us information on this page will lead you to someone who can help. Our call center number is 313-845-9600. You may also email

Information about the coronavirus and safety measures, including how to get tested for COVID, is on our Safety First website.

Information about current HFC operations

Most campus operations are currently taking place remotely.

Students taking face-to-face classes on the HFC campuses, November 2020: information about completing Fall 2020 semester after the Pause to Save Lives order.

Winter 2021 registration is now open! Register for classes using Self Service. Check out our Live without the Drive real-time class format, or consider other formats in the Winter semester section below.

Student, faculty, and staff support services are fully available through live video, online formats, email, and by phone.

Contact Us

Help Desk, for tech support: or 313.845.6345
Mon. - Thu., 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Fri., 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

e-Learning, for class support (online and on campus) or 313.845.9663
Mon. - Fri., 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Call Center for other support:

Mon. - Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 Semester info:

On-campus screening requirements

Our campuses’ and community’s safety depends on all of us. We have updated our on-campus screening procedures for fall.

Complete screening details are here

Student pre-screening form

Obtaining a Student ID for on-campus students

The Campus Safety department is providing ID cards for students who need them.

If you do not have an HFC ID card and you will be taking any on-campus or hybrid classes in the Fall semester, please follow these procedures:

IDs will be provided between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, or by appointment.

There is no cost to receive your official HFC ID, but you must be registered for Summer or Fall 2020 classes.

  1. Fill out the pre-screening form on the day you wish to come to campus to get your ID. Bring your driver's license or other official ID, and your HFC student number (available when you login to the student portal).
  2. Your temperature will be taken when you arrive on campus. Come to the main campus through the North Drive so you can be screened.
  3. Tell the screeners that you are there to get your HFC ID, and they will direct you where to park so you may go to the Campus Safety office.
  4. Proceed to the Campus Safety office, Building N on the main campus, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.
  5. You must exercise social distancing. Follow the directions of Campus Safety personnel, and stay 6 feet away from other people.
  6. You may need to wait if others are present to receive their HFC ID.
  7. You will be directed where to go and where to stand, and when to remove your mask so your photo can be taken. Your face must be fully visible for your ID photo.
  8. Your ID will be created and given to you. Carry it with you any time you come to campus. We recommend that you wear it on a lanyard.

If you are not able to come to campus between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., contact Campus Safety dispatch at 313-845-9630 and they will set up an appointment for you.

Placement Testing / Assessment is taking place remotely

Placement testing (assessment) is conducted remotely, by appointment. Some testing has been waived; see details below. No testing is taking place on the HFC campuses at this time.

If you have questions not answered here, please contact for assistance. Please do not come to campus for testing.

Chemistry Placement

For the Fall 2020 registration period, the Chemistry placement test score has been waived for CHEM 141. As long as students meet all other course requirements they may register for CHEM 141 without taking the Chemistry Placement test. A pre-test will be given at the beginning of each CHEM 141 class and instructors will move students who do not pass the test into CHEM 111 or the appropriate class.

Math Placement

Additional ACT and SAT scores have been added for placement into courses that typically require Accuplacer scores.

Summary: Placement changes effective March 20, 2020, and until students can be tested on campus:

  1. Students will be placed based on the following chart:
Classes MATH SAT Score (March 2016 or later) MATH ACT Score
MATH-074 200-430 < 16
MATH-080 440-490 16-19
MATH-110 500-530 20-21
MATH-115 540-620 22-26
MATH-175 630-690 27-31
MATH-180 700-800 > 31
  1. If you do not have an SAT/ACT score as listed above, you may be placed into MATH-110, MATH-080, or MATH-074 based on your high school GPA.

    Completed high school in the last two years and have a high-school GPA 3.2 or higher: place into MATH-110
    Completed high-school in the last four years and have a high-school GPA 2.8 or higher: place into MATH-080
    Others place into MATH-074

  2. Dual-Enrollment / Early College / Collegiate Academy-Placement Into MATH 115 or 165 (Handled by Waiver)

    Based on high-school teacher, principal, or counselor recommendation, a student may be placed up to MATH-115 or MATH-165. A student wishing to take a higher class will be offered a proctored virtual exam as needed. (This only applies if a student cannot be placed based on the above criteria.)

English Placement for Early College / Collegiate Academy and Dual Enroll / Advancement Plus

For students who are in Early College, Collegiate Academy, and Dual Enrolled or Advancement Plus, you may also use ACT or SAT scores if you have completed one of the standardized tests. That is the preferred placement method. If you do not have ACT / SAT scores, you may temporarily use your high school GPA as a means for course placement.

ESL Placement

We will be offering the ESL test, CaMLA, via a remote option. Students who need to take the ESL test should use their HawkMail to e-mail for more details.

Accuplacer Reading Test – for Health Career programs with a reading test score requirement

Health Careers has decided to put the Accuplacer reading test requirement on hold. Students should continue working on other requirements until testing is available again. You may continue to apply for programs. We recommend you apply early. Once we reopen our campuses, if multiple students take the Reading test on the same day and are qualified based on that test, Health Careers will use each student’s application date as the tiebreaker.

Current students: Winter 2021 semester class schedule and registration

To meet your needs and goals, you may take classes in a variety of formats this fall. To enhance student and faculty safety, about 70% of Henry Ford College classes will be fully online, either LWD or traditional formats, during the Winter semester.

Depending on what classes are available in your academic program, you may register for a combination of Live without the Drive classes, regular online classes, hybrid classes, and face-to-face classes. LWD classes will meet at a specified time, so remember to plan your class schedule to allow you to be at your computer to participate live.

How to choose your HFC class formats for Winter 2021

You may choose from the following types of classes, depending on which class formats are available in your academic program. Select the "Search for Classes" link on the HFC homepage or check the course catalog in Self Service to find available sections. See directions below for a description of how to search for each class format. You can also watch our video tutorial on this webpage.

  • Live Without the Drive classes
    • In course catalog, choose Advanced Search, "Location" menu, and select "100% OL w/Virtual Meetings"
  • 100% online classes (traditional online format)
    • In course catalog, choose Advanced Search, "Location" menu, and select "Online"
  • Hybrid classes (partly online and partly on campus)
    • In course catalog, choose Advanced Search, "Location" menu, and select "Hybrid (% OL & % On Campus)"
  • Face-to-face classes on campus:
    • In course catalog, choose Advanced Search, "Location" menu, and select "Main Campus" or "East Campus"
  • Face-to-face instruction off campus (clinicals, co-ops, internships / apprenticeships)
    • In course catalog, choose Advanced Search, "Courses and Sections" menu, and select the course(s) in your program.

New students: enrolling for Winter semester


We are open, and we welcome you to apply to Henry Ford College for Winter 2021!


Winter semester courses will be offered in a variety of formats. We will hold some face-to-face classes, some video-based live online classes, and some remote-format classes. You should apply today so you can register for classes. We recommend you talk to an advisor about the format of the classes you want. Class formats are noted in Self Service. If the format of your section has to be changed for health and safety reasons, we will notify you and provide options for you.

Winter 2021 registration is open for all students.

We welcome applications now.

Our student services offices are open. We are providing services live online, or by phone. We are here to help you.

How to Get Help:

Student support services


Henry Ford College student services offices are operating remotely. We are here for you!


Visit our student services and campus resources websites for details about what each of these resources is, and how we can help you.

All of the following areas are currently offering support for you in remote (online) format:

Interpreting services for the deaf

We will provide assistance for our deaf students whose classes are moving online. This will be through a remote interpreter who will assist you with access to your online assignments. Reach out to Assisted Learning Services or call 313-845-9617 using TDD if you need assistance.

CARES Act emergency funding grants: Fall 2020

The Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has provided funding for student emergency grants for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus.

To qualify for CARES Act funding, HFC students must:

  1. Meet financial aid requirements:
    1. Have completed a 2020-2021 FAFSA
    2. Have submitted all required financial aid documents
    3. Be currently enrolled in an eligible program of study at Henry Ford College (a degree-granting program)
    4. Meet SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) standards
    5. Be otherwise eligible to receive Title IV financial aid

  3. Be enrolled in at least one Fall 2020 class required for their program of study.
  4. Have incurred expenses directly related to Fall enrollment at HFC in an online class or in an on-ground class that has an online component /requirement. Note: While many hardships and expenses may have been incurred as a direct result of the coronavirus, only expenses related to the 2020 closure of the HFC campuses and online formats will be considered. Funds cannot be used for tuition assistance. Categories for CARES grant funding include:
    1. Computer Purchase
    2. Internet Service
    3. Software Related to Online Courses
    4. Other Technology Related to Online Courses (Printer, Scanner, Camera, Microphone, etc.)
    5. Increased Utility Costs Related to Online Courses

NOTE: You may not receive CARES funds for the purchase of a computer if you already received CARES funds for the purchase of a computer in 2020.

Fill out and submit the form online

Fall 2020 CARES Act Grant Request form

Application deadline

CARES grants will be made on a rolling basis, based on when applications are received. The deadline to submit the Fall 2020 CARES Request Form is October 31, 2020, or whenever all the funds have been used. We recommend completing your application as soon as possible.

Questions related to the HFC CARES Act grant funding and/or the application process can be emailed to

CARES Act Mandated Reporting

Other emergency student funding

HawkStrong Fund from HFC

The HFC Foundation has provided the HawkStrong Fund to assist students who have emergency funding needs due to coronavirus-related issues. Information and eligibility criteria are here.

Other funding sources may also be available. Among them:

Perkins Grants:

If you are having trouble covering the cost of household bills (gas, internet, etc.), Perkins Grants may be available to help you.
To initially qualify, you must:

  • Be a current student
  • Have a Pell Grant
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Be in a state-approved Perkins-eligible academic program (these are too numerous to list, but they do not include Liberal Arts or General Studies)

Requests for Perkins Grants should be sent to: Student Outreach and Support:

Other funding sources

As we learn more about funding available to students through the federal CARES Act or other sources, we will notify you.

If you have other questions about emergency funding, please reach out to Vice President Daniel Herbst,

If you need food assistance

We have been distributing food through the Hawks’ Nest during the coronavirus pandemic, but it is increasingly difficult for us to do so. To support health and safety, the Michigan and Wayne County governments have asked us to reduce the number of people on campus to an absolute minimum. Keeping the Hawks’ Nest open requires having people on campus.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that students with food insecurity consider local food-bank options that are capable of serving larger numbers of people than we can currently accommodate at HFC.

Gleaners Community Food Bank offers services designed to address food insecurity. Please reach out to them today.

The HFC Hawks' Nest will return to its full set of services when we are able to return to campus and restock our shelves.

If you do not have a computer or Internet access at home


There are various options available to assist students who do not have sufficient computer or internet access at home for online coursework.


For students who will be taking online classes, we strongly recommend that you use a computer or tablet for your coursework, rather than relying on your smart phone. You will find the online interface friendlier and more appealing if you use a larger screen and a keyboard.

Some of the options available to you:

  1. Free internet and related services are available from commercial providers for some households. Comcast and Charter Communications have announced that they are providing free wifi internet access and related services to specific audiences. A list of additional free or low-cost options is here. (Note: These are commercial services and are not affiliated, funded, or supported by HFC. If you choose these options, you will need to reach out to them to access these services on your own.)

  2. Resource sharing may be an option. You might wish to reach out to classmates, friends, or relatives who could share laptops, tablets, or other computer resources with you for the next two months. If you choose this option, please follow the CDC guidelines for safety (e.g. cleaning the surfaces, hand washing, and social distance practices).

  3. HFC has a computer loan program for Chromebooks. If you do not have a computer and none of the above options work for you, please email Vice President of Student Affairs Daniel Herbst or call 313-845-9610.

We are here to help you. Contact our Help Desk or Instructional Technology office (information and hours at the top of this website) if you need individual support in getting connected and using the online course interface. You may also contact the Learning Lab for one-on-one online assistance.

A list of on-campus services/locations that are closed due to the pandemic

The following on-campus services are closed until further notice:

  1. All non-classroom labs, including computer labs.
  2. The library.
  3. Food services including Skylight Café and 5101 Restaurant.
  4. The fitness center.
  5. The College Store. You may order your books online and they will be shipped to you.
  6. The Quiet Reflection Room.
  7. The Lactation Rooms.
  8. All study and gathering spaces will require social distancing or will be closed.
  9. Student services will continue to be provided remotely, as noted in the Student Support Services section above. On-campus service offices and the Welcome Center building are closed.

Further information for students

Please review the information on this website thoroughly. We have designed it to respond in detail to all the major issues relating to our change in operations.

Check your Hawkmail regularly. Your instructors and the College will need to share important information with you, and this is the fastest and most secure method to make sure we reach all students.

If you have specific questions that have not been answered on this website:

Please reach out to your instructor first. If they are unable to help, please contact your School dean's office.

Student Support Services:
Please review the "Student Services" section near the top of this page. Feel free to contact our Call Center (contact information at the top of this page) for additional questions.

Personal Support:
This is a stressful time for many. Our Counseling Office is here to provide support if you need someone to talk to. They can also refer you to outside resources as needed.

The Hawks' Nest has been closed temporarily. If you need food assistance, please call 313-317-1756 or email

SAFE@HFC supports a welcoming and safe campus experience for LGBTQ+ students and other community members. We are here for you. If you need support, contact Beth Preston, or 313-317-1530.

If you have needs not addressed here, please contact our Call Center for help. Information is at the top of this page.

Additional Support:

Succeeding in online classes

Online learning is different from face-to-face learning. To make it a rewarding and productive experience, review the tips below. HFC also offers a variety of support services, listed elsewhere on this webpage, to assist you in reaching your academic and personal goals. We are here for you!

Good habits for remote learning

  • Designate a regular study space
  • Practice good time management
  • Stay organized and up to date
  • Eliminate distractions during study time
  • Actively participate in your online classes
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Maintain good sleep habits
  • Ask for help when you need it

Our student support services remain in place for you. Direct your questions to your instructor, academic advisors, or another of the HFC resources on this webpage.

How to use the HFC online class format.

Login to your online class at, and select HFC Online Classes (Moodle) at the top.

An online tutorial website is available here. Select the blue "Enroll Me" button at the bottom to get started.

Tutorial documents with screen shots:
How do I get to my online classes? (PDF)
How do I get to my online classes? (Word)

Still need more help?

Reach out to our Instructional Technology team or Help Desk. Contact information and hours are at the top of this page.

Dual enrollment students (high school and college together)

Students in the HFC Collegiate Academy, and all students who are dual enrolled in HFC college-level courses, will follow the Henry Ford College processes for their HFC classes.

Students will follow their high school's procedures for their high school classes.

The information on this website is being regularly updated. If you see errors or have questions about the website or its content, contact